Constance DuMond – Florida – Flight Attendant Training School Commercial Flight Attendant to Corporate Flight Attendant

Florida based Flight Attendant School Graduate

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Flight Attendant School Graduate:

Constance DuMond

Flight Attendant Training School Graduate Location:

Palm Beach, Florida

Constance is on our flight attendant training school graduate list and is looking for a position as a flight attendant in the private aviation industry where her skills, experience, training and strong work ethic can be utilized.





Make the transition from airline flight attendant to corporate flight attendant successfully.

Contact Constance about working for your private jet flight department, contact us at or call (727) 384-4135.

We are not a flight attendant placement agency but we do help our flight attendant training school graduates find work and have a email list of our graduates that we can send your job listing to. We can send the email to all of our flight attendant training school graduates, send by location or you can include what flight attendants you are directly interested in and we will have them contact you.

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