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Resume Building for Flight Attendants

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Beyond & Above Students Private Jet Flight Attendant Resume Building

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Sample Objectives:Examples
“A cabin position desired whereupon my educational, professional, and personal experience can be mutually advantageous. To ensure safety and service to elite clientele.”

“To secure a challenging and dynamic corporate or contract Flight Attendant position, providing an opportunity to apply my experience, knowledge, and qualifications in an engaging aviation career. Available immediately and willing to relocate. I currently moving to Melbourne, Fl.”

“Seeking a position as a contract Corporate Flight Attendant in the aviation industry where my skills, experience, training and strong work ethic can be utilized.”

These are all samples and you should make your objective unique to you.

Education, Training, Qualifications, Certifications::

This will be included:

2016 - Beyond and Above – Corporate Flight Attendant Training School, Ft. Lauderdale

Emergency Training that follows FAA guidelines for Part 91, 125 & 135
First Aid, CPR and AED
In Flight Catering, Ordering and Food Safety
Food Garnishing and Wine Presentation

Year Range - Position - Company - Company Locations - Concise Description

1998-2017 - Server / Caterer - AB Catering - Denver, CO - Set up decor (tables, glassware, bar area, cocktail tables) prepare food and drinks.
Preparing and serving food and beverages for special events, weddings, and parties.

1997-1998 - Manager- Personal Trainer - Englewood, CO - Manager. Responsibilities included training and scheduling a staff of six. Trained members on exercise equipment, provided nutritional guidance and positive support.

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Would you consider relocating to another state in your own country?

Would you consider relocating to another country?

Would you consider working as a flight attendant in the wealthy countries like Saudia Arabia, UAE - Unted Arab Emrites - Dubai or Qatar?

General Questions for your profile: IMPORTANT!
Explain why would would be a great flight attendant.
Finish this sentence "I am a great corporate flight attendant because I am ... "

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION.. Why are you taking corporate flight attendant training, what is your background that will help you?
Finish this sentence "In my previous work experience I was involved in...)"

Please list 3 major airports near you using the format below:
JFK - John F Kennedy Airport - New York, New York
TEB - Teterboro Airport - Teterboro, New York
LGA - Laguardia Airport - New York City, New York

Please list a few things that you do that make you special, special travels, interesting education, what makes you unique? We will review it and make sure it fits. Finish this sentence - "Some of my interests, hobbies, travels, education, charity work are ...

*Flight Attendant Resumes will only be built for new students and only if this form is filled out before class.