Grants for Private Jet Flight Attendant Training

Grants offered: Private Flight Attendant Training

Given to: Recent and Current Sorority Members, for future female leaders and professionals

USA Employed was developed as a program get students and recent graduates employed, specifically ones who have shown the ability "to go the extra mile" and participate in community and extra curricular activities while attending college or university.

Our director Mary Lou Gallagher and USA Employed are working together to offer your Sorority members educational grants for training to become a Private Jet Flight Attendant.

Mary Lou always dreamed of helping young female professionals pursue a career on private jets that and gain the skills that changed her life for over 40 years of her life.


Presidents, VP's, Chairs and members of each of your chapters can get a full or partial grant to attend our Internationally recognized Corporate Flight Attendant School, Beyond and Above. Educating for over 11 years.

Graduates of our training will have the ability to gain a part time or full time position straight out training, which is a 1 week hands on training, with 1 week of preparation studies.

In the spirit of this program to help our future female leaders and professionals, Beyond and Above is offering grants for qualifying Sorority members who wish to attend our Private Flight Attendant Training School offered every month in Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida with free stay at the beautiful Sherton Cypress Creek.


Regular Cost of the Initial Course: $3300 (read more details about the course)

Grant structure to attend our vocational training in the field of Private Aviation Flight Attendant:

1. President, V.P., or Chair of the Sorority can receive a grant of $1500 off the cost of training.

* The President, VP or Chair Person can pass this $1000 of this grant to any member of their club or group if they wish not to accept. Send request to


2. Any member of a university or college club or official organization can receive a grant of $500 dollars when they choose to attend Beyond and Above's training school.


3. If the President, VP or Chair accompanies any club member who pays full price they will be granted a free initial training at an amount of $3,300.


Grant Terms and Details:

1. Airfare to our Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport training center must be paid for by the student or graduate receiving this grant.

2. Hotel is covered by Beyond and Above at the beautiful Sheraton Cypress Creek.  See pictures on left side of this page.

3. Must show proof of Soroity you were a part of.  This can be a simple email ( by any officer in the club or organization.

4. Who is eligible?

Current Sorority mebmer who have attended college or university in the past 3 years and

President, Vice President, Chair Person and any member (Fraternities are also eligible)


Start your grant application here:  Or call 407-490-2922.




Start your career off right with experience and training that can get you a real position in the elite world of private aviation. Even if you choose not to fly, the training you will get will look good on your resume for the rest of your life.

The major focus it to award these students and graduates the ability to gain specific knowledge in a very elite area of our economy, private aviation. They will not only learn emergency skills, CPR, First Aid but also high class etiquette training, catering and service, self defense, and resume building with a professional head shot.

Getting USA Employed!

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Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training participates in USA Employed by offering grants and discounts to qualifying students and recent graduates.

Real training for real jobs in a tough economy!


grant for schoolI attended Beyond and Above corporate flight attendant training October of 2010. My training was exactly what I needed to jump start my career as a executive flight attendant. I am currently working full time as a flight attendant on a GII, G550!!! and a Legacy 600. I will be returning for my recurrent!

Kind Regards,
Tieg Grayson


Parents or guardians who have questions should contact Harrison O'Rourke at 407-490-2922

* At this moment grants for the amounts offered to the left are the only source of funding available.

All major Credit Cards are accepted.


Our flight attendants get real placement on the private aviation industry leading job site.


Real Training, Real Jobs:

Dear Mary Lou,

Just wanted to say thank-you for a wonderful training and education in the aviation world  I have  enjoyed every seconds of it !!!! As a proud graduate from Beyond and Above I want  to share my sudden happiness and let you know that I ..was just  hired by a private individual who is purchasing a BBJ and G5.

Looking forward to my very first worldwide Corporate F/A flight!!! To my understanding Dubai is on the calendar !! Just can’t wait !!

Love always



The Beautiful Sheraton Cypress Creek

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Provided by with the grant, a free 5 night stay, more info.

sorority education grant moneyft. lauderdale training private flight attendant


Dear Beyond and Above,

I am still flying with the company you gave me the lead on and LOVING it!
With it being all charters there is no boring routine flying and I have enjoyed everything from flying hockey players in our all first class 737′s to just last week transporting 90 Haitian orphans with their doctors and nurses to Pittsburgh Children’ s Hospital.
(So pitiful, Mary Lou…).
I have been all over the world in just one year!
You are always close to my heart and I hope you are well and life is treating you in a most first class, corporate kinda way!



Accepted Worldwide:

Our training provides sufficient hours in many different sets of criteria such as emergency, fire, etc., that are in compliance with Part 135, 91 and 121 regulations by the FAA.



About the Director:

sorority grant education - mary lou gallagherPresident Mary Lou Gallagher is a current Board Member for NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) Flight Attendant Committee, as well as Director, President and Founder of Beyond & Above, Mother, Flight Attendant and World Traveler.


Other Highlights to our Training:

  • Resume building - leave with a completed resume
  • Professional head shot in Business Attire
  • Interview preparation
  • Your own webpage
  • Free listing on a flight attendant job website
  • Real training in a Private Jet
  • Actual training on a private jet emergency window
  • Trainers are pilots, dispatchers and flight attendants
  • much more...