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by Mary Gregory on Beyond & Above

I learned so much and enjoyed it to! I recommend the course to everyone who want to Fly Corporate! I didn’t have any experience being a flight attendant and it gave me so much confidence.

by Dawn Cope on Beyond & Above

After having commercial flying experience this class was a great refresher course in some areas and it covered all aspects needed for corporate flying, giving me the skills and confidence to go out and do it. Thankyou for your time and patience.

by Deborah Fitzer on Beyond & Above
Location: Mansfield TX

I have attendant many corporate flight attendant trainings over the pass 10 years of my career and Beyond and Above is one of the best. I was very impressed on the Re-Current training program they offer. The class is very knowledgeable, it keep you current on procedures, emergency, aircraft equipment, first aide, CPR, AED, hijacking, FAA Regulations and much more.I will recommend Beyond and Above flight attendant training for anyone that wants to get in the business and for any experienced flight attendants that need Re-Current training. Thank you Mary Lou for making the training affordable for us to continue to stay in the business and for the job leads that you send us.Well done, Fly Safe!

by Vicki Taylor on Beyond & Above

Hi Mary Lou and Joe,I just wanted to wish you two a Happy New Years!I also wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did in your training class. At the time, it seemed like soooo much information to absorb. But, I’ve found that with each trip, information from your training has proved to be invaluable.Things are going very well. Most of my flying is for the family that owns the G IV. I really enjoy it! Most of the time I’m picking up food for them at at least 3 different restaurants and serving them “family” style, except on Tiffany plates and using actual silver. 🙂 They’ve been very patient and gracious with me. The company has also signed a lease agreement with a local large corporate company. So, it gives me an opportunity to do more “structured” flying. I also have the opportunity to do some contract work. I fly out this Friday to India for a week (I know…how exciting is that!), with the blessing of my chief pilot. I’ve been very busy this past month ~ but, I feel incredibly fortunate for the opportunity I’ve been given. And again, I want to thank you two for the exceptional training that you provided me.

by Abi Firestone on Beyond & Above

The Beyond and Above corporate flight attendant seminar was extremely advantageous and provided the training and certification necessary to succeed in my aviation career. My passion for world travel prompted me to look into a career as a flight attendant, and after going through Mary Lou’s informative training sessions, I am so glad I did it! I was actually contacted with almost immediate job leads while still in training; then, at the conclusion of the program, I was offered a full time flight attendant position with a private charter company and have been loving it ever since! It’s an exciting, entertaining, and ever changing field with an abundance of opportunity and thanks to Beyond and Above, I feel like I’ve been living my dream and I’m certain there are only good things to come!

by Heidi on Beyond & Above

Hi Mary LouHappy New Year to you! I think of you often and so many times have used your most helpful corporate “tricks” and corporate flight instruction to “make it happen”!I am still flying with the company you gave me the lead on and LOVING it!With it being all charters there is no boring routine flying and I have enjoyed everything from flying hockey players in our all first class 737’s to just last week transporting 90 Haitian orphans with their doctors and nurses to Pittsburgh Children’ s Hospital.(So pittiful, Mary Lou…).I have been all over the world in just one year!You are always close to my heart and I hope you are well and life is treating you in a most first class, corporate kinda way!Hugs!

by Christa Mabry on Beyond & Above

I’m so THRILLED to be in the world of Corporate Flight Attendants. From the first phone call I made to you Mary Lou asking about your training school and being a little nervous entering this new career, you have put me at ease and certainly have given me the confidence to succeed! Your one on one interaction and commitment to your classes success is certainly Beyond & Above. After going through your training back in October of 2009, I’m very happy to announce I’m with a wonderful BUSY charter company. I’m on Challengers and Gulfstreams. Each and every trip I take brings a new adventure, I would have never made it this far without the training from Beyond & Above.

by Marie-Helene on Beyond & Above

Just wanted to say thank-you for a wonderful training and education in the aviation world I have enjoyed every seconds of it! As a proud graduate from Beyond and Above I want to share my sudden happiness and let you know that I ..was just hired by a private individual who is purchasing a BBJ and G5.Looking forward to my very first worldwide Corporate F/A flight! To my understanding Dubai is on the calendar! Just can’t wait!

by Tieg Grayson on Beyond & Above

I attended Beyond and Above corporate flight attendant training October of 2010. My training was exactly what I needed to jump start my career as a executive flight attendant. I am currently working full time as a flight attendant on a G550. With experience on a DA2000, GIII, Jetstream4100, Legacy 600 (EMB135BJ), CL604 and GLEX. I will be returning for my recurrent!

by Mariana Veiga Duarte on Beyond & Above
Location: Sao Joao das Lampas, Lisbon, Portugal

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your school. I think the course was really good and the ladies are all lovely. Also, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I regret that the “jet era” is over, there is hardly any glamour this days. I think that ladies like you really made the difference and I really look up to you and respect you. I do hope to see you again soon, next time I am in the area I would like to visit the school. I wish you succes and health. Kind regards, Mariana

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