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Video Contest COMPLETED - Why do YOU want to become a flight attendant on private jets.


become a flight attendant on private jets contest



Win a FULL Scholarship worth $3500 to attend Private Jet Flight Attendant Training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training.

 Submissions due August 20th, 2013! Read instructions below.




Video: Make a 1-5 minute video about why you want to become a corporate flight attendant on private aircraft.

Begin your video with “My name is ______________ and this is my submission to become a private aircraft corporate flight attendant by attending Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training. Why do I want to become a private jet flight attendant?”

Use the rest of the video to give your answer in your own creative way. Talk about your family, your dreams of world travel and to live like the rich and famous, gaining your independence and getting paid to travel, a family member or friend’s history in aviation that inspires you, or whatever else is your
inspiration to become a corporate flight attendant. Be creative and have fun with it! In the end, it’s all about how many views and Likes your video receives! (Don’t get too crazy though - remember this is for a career as a corporate flight attendant, and having a good reputation is important!)



Complete instructions to apply:

Note: You MUST complete each step to be eligible to win.

1 – “Like” our Facebook Page – By the way, just liking our Facebook page enters you into our yearly full scholarship drawing.

2 – Copy and paste this statement on your personal wall status update – “Hi Friends! I am entering to win the Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training video contest ( ). Stay tuned for my video. With your help, I could win a free initial training corporate flight attendant course worth $3,500! You can enter, too, by going to“

3 – Friend Mary Lou Gallagher (, President of Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training, so we can verify that you wrote on your wall with the status update.

4 – Post your video on or, and then post your video link on our Facebook Page before August 20, 2012. The quicker the better! You can also send your video link to if you do not have Facebook.

5 – Fill out the form below and submit your information for the contest, or submit it via e-mail to with the subject “Video Submission”. Be sure to include your name and phone number, as we need this information to contact you if you win!


Video Contest Contact Information Form

* indicates required

Press only once!


#5 Post your video on or and post that link our Facebook Page - - Must put link on our Facebook before August 20th, the quicker the better!  You can also send us your link if you do not have Facebook.

Last, but not least –  tell all of your friends and family to watch the video, “Like” it, and share it with their friends and family to watch and “Like” it, too! Send it by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, calling them – whatever it takes to get the most “Likes” and views as possible!

Whoever gets the most views and Facebook Likes by noon on October 14th, 2012, gets a Full Scholarship worth $3,500 for Beyond & Above’s five-day initial corporate flight attendant training course!

Bookmark this page and check back frequently to see who is in the lead! Also, keep watching our Facebook page for updates! See other rules and regulations on the bottom of this page.

Want to start your corporate flight attendant career, and can’t wait for contest results? Register here now! Our courses fill fast, and our graduates are already flying!









Rules and Regulations:

Must be over 16 to apply and win.

If you do not follow all of the steps outlined above, you cannot win the contest.

This scholarship does not include hotel (approximately $300 with Beyond & Above’s student rate) and your flight to Fort Lauderdale for training.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to deny any application to Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training, even if the applicant follows the contest rules and wins the contest. This is a contest to become a private aircraft/corporate flight attendant, and we only train the best and maintain a professional reputation. Applicants must fit our qualifications to become a corporate flight attendant.

Beyond and Above is not required to pick a winner and can continue, postpone, or cancel the contest without notice.
Winner must register online for chosen training course date at least 15 days in advance for that date. If space is available, the winner will be granted the scholarship for that course date.

We may choose multiple (or no winners) depending on page views or inspiring videos.

Many updates will be posted on our Facebook link.

Must use scholarship in 12 of winning.

Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training cannot be held liable for any issues, problems, or lawsuits arising from applying or posting videos for this contest.

By posting your video on our Facebook page and submitting your information to us, you are giving Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training permission to post this content on our website, associated Facebook pages, and other online sources such as LinkedIn, Twitter, our website, etc.