American Airlines, Commercial Flight Attendant Layoff – Corporate Flight Attendant Training

Attention all laid off or not currently employed!

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Help us get you trained to be a private jet flight attendant.

  • Our course is only 5 days, approved and has been training corporate flight attendants since 1999.
  • Our students can fly right after the course, make $350 to $600 a day and have a more flexible schedule than in the airlines.

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We train and have trained many former American Airlines, US Airways, former America West Flight Attendants and other commercial airline flight attendants how to become a flight attendant on private jets, aka a corporate flight attendant.


Our president was a former Pan Am flight attendant and she wants to help . Due to recent layoffs in the commercial airlines we want to keep our fellow flight attendants flying and doing the flight attendant job they love!


Call (727) 384-4135 and find out how we can get you a job flying on private jets.  It all starts with good training.


Yes, we provide extensive job assistance! ( in fact, we are one of the only training companies that actually does)


Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training has been training for over 12 years!  Our president was a former Pan Am Flight Attendant