Brooklyn, New York –> Freddy Regnier

Wichita, Kansas–> Diann Barr
December 23, 2012
Edmonton, Queensland, Australia –> Frances Selvinelli
January 29, 2013







Corporate Flight Attendant: Freddy Regnier

Location: Brooklyn, New York



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Highly personable, world traveled, multi-lingual hospitality professional, seeking a private or corporate flight attendant position where I can provide the highest level of customer service to elite clientele with a professional and discreet experience including  passenger safety and security.


Institut en Soins Infirmiers, Saint Antoine, Paris, France Registered Nurse 06/1991
Les Ardilliers, Paris, France General Understudies 06/1988

Private Client, New York, NY Personal Assistant
 Manage the personal household of employer, including payment of invoices,
manage house keepers and contractors and work with insurance brokers
 At the request of my employer from time to time, performed personal shopping
activities and cared for family pet
 Coordinated social events and parties, including greeting guests and catering
Frederick’s Restaurant, New York, NY 11/2009-08/2010
 Managed the front of the restaurant, creating and delivering a positive customer experience
 Managed expenses, including employee payroll and maintained the inventory
 Worked with Chef to create seasonal menus
 Recruited and hired qualified employees to provide exceptional service
Villa La Romana, St Barthelemy, FWI 10/2006-09/2009
House Manager
 Managed very exclusive and private guest house
 Managed on-site staff, including house keeper and grounds keeper
 Coordinated all travel for visiting guests and arranged private parties
 Facilitated special requests for entertainment and events, including boat
charters and private jet travel
Bar.B.Q., St Barthelemy, FWI 01/2004-09/2006 Manager
 Launched restaurant and bar and oversaw daily restaurant services
 Created menus and an extensive wine list
 Recruited and hired qualified employees to deliver exceptional service and add to the atmosphere of the restaurant
 Trained wait staff, bartenders/bar backs and prepared schedules  Managed expenses, including bar inventory
Private Client, St Barthelemy, FWI 09/2001–10/2004 House Manager/Butler
 Managed house staff and served as a butler for holiday properties
 Assisted guests and seasonal renters, including organizing events and
parties and arranging transportation
Rommy Inter Coiffure, Asunción, Paraguay 12/1997-12/2000
 Managed Spa, including managing staff of 10 employees and maintained inventories
 Coordinated guests treatments and arranged special events for VIP guests EDUCATION
 Able to quickly identify and resolve client requests
 Discrete and trustworthy
 Managed private
households, including overseeing house and staff expenses
 Very well traveled throughout Europe, South America, the Caribbean and the United States
 Able to manage travel arrangements and itineraries
 Available for travel and seasonal relocation
 United States Citizen ; European Union passport (Citizen of France);
 Languages: French (natural language), English (speaking/writing proficient), Spanish (speaking/writing proficient) and Portuguese understanding .

12CZ10409 France

French fluent, english fluent, spanish fluent, Portuguese understanding