Caribbean, Bahamas – Trevor Johnson–>

Las Vegas, Nevada–> Nickielee Ray
October 25, 2012
Andale, Kansas–> Tammy Stuhlsatz
November 1, 2012




Corporate Flight Attendant: Trevor Johnson

Location: Caribbean, Bahamas



My mission is to create an Inflight experience for the Elite traveller that is beyond exception. with detailed emphasis on Safety and confidentiality while delivering excellence inflight.


*Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training

* Cat Island Air Saab 340 Flight Attendant Instructor’s certification

* Laker Airways Flight Attendant Training Certification MD-DC10 / B-727-200

* Bahamas Air Flight Attendant Training Certification B-737 /DH300 / SH360

* Western Air Flight Attendant Check Airman Certification Saab 340

Valid unrestricted Bahamian passport. C1D Crew Visa