Coral Springs, Florida – Cara Smith Fabian

Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate

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Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate:

Cara Smith Fabian

Corporate Flight Attendant Location:

Coral Springs, Florida

Cara Smith Fabian is a seeking work and is a graduate of corporate flight attendant training offered by Beyond & Above.

Fresh, enthusiastic, customer-oriented individual seeking a corporate or contract flight attendant position, where hospitality and customer service skills will be fully utilized. Offering a friendly, confident and pleasing personality to ensure the safety and comfort of elite clientele.

I would make a good international flight attendant because I hold passports and/or visas from the United States.

I speak: English - Fluent

Would I consider relocating to another state in your own country?
Flight Attendant Response: Yes

Would I consider relocating to another country?
Response: Yes

Would I consider working as a flight attendant in the Middle East like Saudia Arabia, UAE - Unted Arab Emirates - Dubai or Qatar?
Response: Yes

I am a great corporate flight attendant because I am very kind, attentive to details, enjoy travel, ready at a moments notice, always on time. I have learned and experienced other cultures while traveling abroad to Italy, Amsterdam, Switzerland, London, Paris, Germany And Greece. My passion in life is to travel, meet new people, and learn from every experience I come across.

In my previous work experience I was involved in marketing, hospitality, customer service, communicating with clients, and always assuring the satisfaction of guests to the highest degree.

I am a corporate flight attendant training school graduate base near the following airports:
FLL-Ft Lauderdale International Airport- Ft Lauderdale, Florida
MCO- Orlando International Airport- Orlando, Florida
PBI-Palm Beach International Airport-West Palm Beach, Florida

Interest: I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Greece to see one of my best friends get married and it reinvigorated my passion for traveling and exploring different cultures. I also enjoy exercising and giving back to the community when I am able to, specifically through volunteer work at the Children's Diagnostic Center. Lastly I come from a musical family and have come to appreciate all types of music.

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