Flint, MI – LaRae Arnold ->

Phoenix, AZ – Robyn Djos ->
April 6, 2011
Orlando, FL – Angelica Piedra ->
April 14, 2011

Corporate and Private Jet Flight Attendant:

Detroit Michigan Flint corporate flight attendantLaRae Arnold

Location: Quincy, Michigan.

Nearby airports:


DET (KDET) – Coleman A. Young Muni Airport, Detroit, MI, US

FNT (KFNT) – Bishop Intl Airport, Flint, MI, US

PTK (KPTK) – Oakland County Intl Airport, Pontiac, MI, US

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Flight Attendant Training Course: Beyond and Above

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Objective                                                                                                                      .


Secure a full-time corporate flight attendant position in which my experience as a flight attendant and my cheerful, team player attitude will help to provide an excellent experience for my passengers and crew.


Work Experience                                                                                                       .


2007 – Current          CommutAir – North Olmsted, OH

Perform all necessary flight attendant duties, like assisting customers with special needs, in-flight food and drink service, and all other relevant safety procedures on the Bombardier Q200.


2002 – Current          Part Time Court Reporter, Kalamazoo, MI



Education & Training                                                                                               .


April 2011 – Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training , Ft. Lauderdale


  • Emergency Procedures Training Certification
  • Emergency Equipment Training
  • Fire Safety Training
  • In-Flight Medical AED, CPR and First Aid
  • Garnishing and Presentation with Silver Lining InFlight Catering
  • Wine Presentation, catering, and Food Safety
  • Self Defense and Awareness training – Broward County Sheriff’s Department


2007 – Skybound Training, Orlando         

           Commercial Flight Attendant Preparation Course


  • Instruction in safety, emergency procedures, FARS, 24-hour clock, aviation security and first aid / CPR certifications.


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