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March 11, 2015
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March 11, 2015

Corporate Flight Attendant Training Graduate and Hiring

corporate flight attendant training and hiringFlight Attendant Training Graduate:

Nathalia Rodrigues

Corporate Flight Attendant Location:

Fort Lauderdale/ Miami / Orlando      State: Florida

I am a highly motivated worker, very creative and pay great attention to service and detail. I am seeking a fulltime position as a Corporate Flight Attendant on a private or charter Jet, where I can work as part of a team in an environment that utilizes my extensive background in the hospitality industry.

STCW 95- Maritime professional training
Certified Hair Stylist- Marvel College
Certified Bartending- School of Mix (Vancouver, BC)
Silver Serving Techniques
Studied Art and English Literature- Majored in water color paintings

Chief Stew                              M/Y Sun Chaser 142ft Richmond
July 1, 2014/ November 6, 2014

Chief Stew- Boat went to skeleton crew. M/Y Imperial Princess 140ft Princess
November 9th, 2013/ May, 2014
Duties: Planned events for Charters/ Theme nights/ Silver Service/ Flower arrangements/ Organizing Interior/ Bridge Watches/Beds & Heads/ Provisioning/ Elegant table settings/ Wine Knowledge/ Interior Management/Wash Downs. Also worked at the owner’s estate doing parties and events.

Chief Stew                              M/Y Francine 150ft Bennetti (Temp)
April 11th 2013/July 11th, 2013
Duties : Managing the Interior/ Planning for events up to 50 people/ Flower arranging/ Service/ Detailing/ Provisioning/ Inventory/ Organized functions on board.

Chief Stew                              M/Y Incentive 150ft Delta(Temp)
Aug 23rd, 2013/Oct 1st, 2013
Duties: Organized Theme nights/ Managed Interior/ Did events at the owners house/ Flower arrangements/Dinner functions up to 20 ppl/ Detailing/Inventory/Bar Tending/ Charity Cruise.

2nd Stew/ Relief Chief                  M/Y Anjilis 161ft Trinity Charter
Nov 9th2011/Jan 26th 2013
Duties: Managing the interior while chief was away/planned theme parties for charter dinners/wine knowledge/Bar tending/Provisioning/Interior/

Detailing/Inventory/Flower Arranging/Table Décor/Housekeeping/ Lead Service/ Manicures/Massage/Hairstylist/Make-up/Blow-Outs and did two Atlantic crossings with M/Y Anjilis

Sole Stew               M/Y Wishes Granted 90ft Private – Horizon
Bahamas/ Carib  Feb 11/July 11
As a Sole Stew on this private yacht i did mostly all the interior, including some cooking. Duties included: Detailing/Flower Arrangements/ Bar Tending/ Provisioning/ Watches/ Inventory Control/ Heads & Beds/ Silver Service/ Dog Walking/ Table Decor/ Cooking.

Stew                    M/Y Arioso & M/Y Martha Ann
Freelance 2010/2011
House keeping/ Detailing/ Lead housekeeping-Laundry/ Heads & Beds/ Service / Table Decor/ Provisioning/ Hairstylist/ Bar Tending.

2nd Stew        M/Y Platinum 160ft Charter – Bennetti                                                                       Med Apr 10 – Sep 10
I was 2nd Stew within an interior team of four; I worked closely with Chief stew focusing on guest service and relations.
•       Lunch and Dinner Service/ Silver Service/ Bartending/ Table Décor/ Flower Arrangements/ Interior Detailing & Maintenance/ Inventory Control/ Beds & Heads/ Laundry/ Provisioning/ Chauffeuring Guests & Crew/ Watch Duties/ Docking Procedures/ Driving Tender/ Red Sea Crossing/ Sewers Canal Crossing/ Traveled throughout the Med

Sole Stew               M/Y Resolute 130ft Charter – Westport
BVI Oct 09 – Dec 09
During my time on board as a temp sole stew I had the opportunity to utilize my time management skills and strengths as a self-motivated, organized, and a well-rounded crewmember.
•       All Guest Service / Large High Profile Luncheons & Dinners/ Silver Service/ Table Décor/ Flower Arrangements/ Interior Detailing & Maintenance/ Inventory Control/ Beds & Heads/ Laundry/Docking Procedures/ Driving Tender

Canadian/Portuguese- Green Card(B1/B2)

English, French and a little bit of spanish