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flight attendant salaryFlight Attendant Salary and Pay


How much do flight attendants get paid? Updated 2016

Typically the flight attendant salary is broken up into two sectors, commercial (Delta, JetBlue, etc) and private aviation (very wealthy, famous  or important people and groups).


First, we are going to discuss the salary of a flight attendant in the private or corporate sector as it has the most relevance to the nature of our training. Second we will explain the salary of Commercial Aviation (Delta, American, ect.).


Recently we posted a question about daily salary and pay on our LinkedIn account, called

“How much do you think a corporate / private flight attendant should get paid daily?”

— posted on our LinkedIn account, http://www.linkedin.com/in/privateflightattendantschool


The responses to flight attendant salary question were excellent and came from real private jet flight attendants, flying all over the world.


One great response was:

“Minimum 400 domestic to 500 /600 a day International especially if the F/A speaks foreign languages. Extremely important in this profession especially in emergency situation where understanding is a must.” Corporate Flight Attendant

another excellent response:

“I would venture to say that if the flight attendant is local to metropolitan areas such as NY or LA then experience would say $450-$500 per day. Smaller venues $300-$350 per day. pay range is not set in stone. Typically, fractional operators pay less than charter operators (135’s) who pay less than owner operators (91’s).
Of course most flight attendants are worth their weight in gold!” CEO


Daily pay rate or salary for a corporate flight attendant:

Domestic: 400-550 dollars per day, plus per diem. (updated 2016)

International: 500-700 dollars per day, plus per diem.


*Per diem for a corporate / private flight attendant

“refers to a specific amount of money that an organization allows an individual to spend per day, to cover living and traveling expenses in connection with work. It is the allowance given to the employee/worker for completing a task or going on tour away from home.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Per_diem

Also understand that a flight attendant that flies on a daily rate, is most often called a contract corporate flight attendant. Most times when a candidate is hired, they will fly their first trip as a contractor, then the flight department, most likely the pilot and owner, will choose to ask you for a on as a full time position.  At that time you will speak about many other aspects of flying such as how many days will you may be on call / on duty per month.  What will be my yearly flight attendant salary. Sometimes it may take multiple contract flights before this offer is even presented.  Also to note, some of our graduates and other flight attendants in the industry prefer contract flying for its very flexible schedule and the ability to choose which flight to fly and when.


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