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Flight Attendant Uniforms and Attire for Stewardess and Stewards

by Beyond and Above Staff Writer , May 2011

Proper uniforms for flight attendants on private aircraft are very similar to attire a commercial airline flight attendant would wear.  One major difference are that they are mostly chosen by the corporate or private flight attendant themselves.

Most flight attendant uniforms are considered by most in the aviation world as business attire.


Here are flight attendant uniform examples with pictures: (who better to show them off than our graduates at Beyond and Above Flight Attendant Training)


  • Head-shots and a full shot on the bottom to show you the what female and male flight attendants wear as uniforms for their flights.


flight attendant dress



This is the classic flight attendant uniform, a dark business jacket with either pants or dress, please wear heels that are not sharp or thin.  Thick bottom heels work, or almost no heal like a loafer type shoe. The aircraft is very expensive so do not wear shoes that could damage the carpeting and wear shoes in which you can walk and provide service without falling or stumbling. You may on your feet for a while remember that! Stockings of course to complement.



excellent flight attendant uniform corporate




Perfect outfit, my only comment is to pull the hair back. Although since the hair is short this could be ok.





male flight attendant uniform attire




Perfect uniform for a male flight attendant. Very classy and elegant, hair in proper order and shaved face. Matching dark pants and comfortable dress shoes would compliment. Yes of course dark dress socks.







flight attendants male unifoms



Although tie is not necessary it is a nice touch, the shirt should be more fitted and of course full shave of the face.  Male flight attendants should wear very little if no cologne.







flight attendant scarf uniform



This flight attendant uniform is complemented with a nice scarf which can be tied that way or around the neck like you see in the movies. This is a fun flair to keep your dress from getting boring, but make sure it is not loud.  Probably best to tie back the hair.


** Make sure to were very minimal perfume!




stewardess uniform


This would work when in flight as long as the bra is not a crazy color. Only do this when the plane gets a little hot.  I would pull the hair back as well.

**A bun often looks better than a pony tail.  Tie your hair back you are dealing with food.





flight attendants uniforms stewardess


First three girls from the left have great flight attendant dress, the fourth, needs to tuck in the shirt, the fifth would do well with a complimenting jacket, I like the white (watch out for food!), the last styling, not sure about the long jacket, but nice.



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