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*This is a service only from Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training to give Flight Departments the ability to check if their flight attendants have taken and passed our Online Recurrent Training Program.

First Name Last Name Certificate Number Expiration Passed
Marie-Helene D 2015014736 16-March Yes
Vannessa S 2015014737 16-March Yes
Lea G 2015014738 16-March Yes
Bobbye G 2015014739 16-March Yes
Blanka V 2014014711 15-Jan Yes
Shannon B 2014014712 15-Jan Yes
Laurie L 2014014713 not finished In progress
Brooke B 2014014714 15-Jan Yes
Joy B 2014014715 15-Feb Yes
Stephanie W 2014014716 15-Feb Yes
Diana J 2014014717 15-Feb Yes
Robyn D 2014014718 15-Feb Yes
Nicole G 2014014719 15-Mar Yes
Roxanne H 2014014720 15-Mar Yes
Kornelija R 2014014721 15-Apr Yes
Lisa F 2014014722 15-May Yes
Christopher R 2014014723 15-May Yes
Kathy M 2014014724 not finished In Progress
Caroline E 2014014725 15-May Yes
Tammy S 2014014726 15-Jun Yes
Sherry M 2014014727 15-Jun Yes
Amber F 2014014728 15-Jul Yes
Deborah F 2014014729 15-Jul Yes
Lisa M 2014014730 15-Aug Yes
Betsy G 2014014731 not finished In Progress
Holly S 2014014732 15-Sep Yes
Lorena C 2014014733 not finished In Progress
George C 2014014734 16-Jan Yes
Irina P 2014014735 not finished In Progress