Hack Your On-the-Go Life: Five Tips to Keep It All Together

Renata M Hall – Bradenton, Florida
November 11, 2017
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December 18, 2017

Life on the go – it’s a constant battle to keep up appearances and energy, isn’t it? Sometimes we have to trade a little to live our dreams. But there’s no need to fret! No, our dear corporate flight attendants. We have solutions to the most common challenges of traveling the world!

Check out this list of five simple hacks to make your life a bit easier

  1. Before you even step foot on the plane, make sure you’ve tended to your biggest and most important organ – your skin! Wash off any dirt or makeup at the end of every day using a gentle cleanser, stay hydrated, moisturize daily and apply a high-quality mask two to three times each week. Doing this regularly – at home and abroad – will help keep your skin smooth and glowing.
  2. Establish a bedtime routine at home and continue it while away. We all have our own relaxation techniques, but a universal rule is to turn off all electronics – smart phone, laptop, TV – at least an hour before heading to bed. Too much stimulation and bright screens can affect one’s ability to fall asleep quickly and remain asleep through the night. You could also have a soothing cup of tea, take a bath or read to help wind down. Don’t stray from your routine even while in a different time zone.
  3. Remaining on the subject of rest, jet lag and new time zones can throw you off your game – especially when the sun is high in the sky at a time you’re used to darkness. An easy fix to help you catch up on much-needed sleep so you can enjoy yourself later is to grab the clips from the pants hangers in your hotel room closet and clip the curtains together to reduce the amount of light shining through and trick your brain into thinking it’s night.
  4. Essential oils are another must-have for self-care. Invest in a refillable roller-ball you can toss in your toiletry bag or purse. The oils will moisturize and refresh your skin and soothing scents can help you perk up or wind down, whichever you need. There’s plenty of information online about which scents are best for what, but generally vanilla is relaxing and peppermint and lavender soothe headaches – tension or migraine.
  5. In a rush to get somewhere and no time to iron? Look to your flatiron. You had time to do your hair and now you have a burning hot piece of equipment you can use to straighten a few wrinkles on your clothing. Just run that flat over whatever you’re planning to wear so you don’t have to take the time to set up an ironing board and wait for the iron to heat up.