How to be a Flight Attendant

Part 2

how to be a flight attendant

In part one we described how to be a flight attendant while explaining about training courses and how we actually provide a private jet flight attendant training course here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We outlined the difference between commercial airline flight attendants and private jet flight attendants aka corporate flight attendants.

Self-funded training was not a necessary prerequisite to be a flight attendant an airline, but in order to get to the company paid training you had to first pass through the companies hiring process. Recent numbers indicate that about 30,000 people apply to be a flight attendant, 300 get called to interview at a specific airline for each hiring session and maybe 10 make it through to the training.

That makes the “how to be a flight attendant” question a little difficult for Commercial and in our case private jets the numbers are a lot nicer.

We will graduate a maximum 10 students a month and from my personal experience, the ones that really want to work, will get jobs. Even at the lowest 5 students gain employment, that is 50%. Where as with the airlines they are looking at 3-5%.

A very big difference in the numbers. Also please do not quote me on those numbers, but if you read around and after hearing the same story from our students, I can infer a bit.

How to be a flight attendant?

Go private!

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