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Corporate Flight Attendant: Janet Grant

Corporate Flight Attendant Location: Palm Beach , Florida

Nearby private aviation airports:

PBI - Palm Beach Intl Airport - West Palm Beach, FL

FXE - Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport - Fort Lauderdale, FL

BCT - Boca Raton Airport - Boca Raton, FL




Contact her at contract and corporate flight attendant directory or contact us.

Corporate Flight Attendant Training Course: Beyond and Above

Private Flight Attendant resume below and contact information at or by calling us at (727) 384-4135.

Objective .


Seeking a cabin position in the aviation industry where upon my educational, professional and personal experience can be utilized to ensure safe and exceptional service.


Education & Training .

2012 - Beyond and Above – Corporate Flight Attendant Training School, Ft. Lauderdale


  • Emergency Training that follows FAA guidelines for Part 91, 125 & 135.

  • First Aid, CPR and AED.

  • In Flight Catering, Ordering and Food Safety.

  • Food Garnishing and Wine Presentation


2008 Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Certificate, American Heart Association


2007 PATH Certificate - Certifed Riding Instructor


1995 Associate's in Science Degree -Miami Dade Community College ,Miami, Florida


1995 Registered Nurse -Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing,Miami, Florida


1992 Teaching Certificate- Montessori Teacher Training Institute ,Miami, Florida


Work Experience .


1995 to present: Registered Nurse

  • Experienced in providing acute care to infants through end of life individuals.

  • Skilled in providing care in a calm, reassuring manner.

  • Proven ability to motivate and work effectively with persons from other cultures and walks of life.


2000-2003: Instructor, P.B.C.C., West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Lectured and supervised clinical experience of LPN students


1992-1994 Preschool Teacher, Alexander Monterssori, Miami, Florida



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Why a corporate flight attendant training is an excellent choice:

1. Corporate flight attendants in Palm Beach have the choice to fly when they want or take on full time contract flight attendant jobs.

2. The private jet flight attendant training courses only last about 5 days with a week a preparation.

3. Palm Beach corporate flight attendants who train with us get paid about $350 to $600 a day depending on the job.


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