How to become a Stewardess

becoming a stewardess - how to


-Article by Beyond and Above Staff Writer


This article will outline how to become a stewardess on a private jet.


Stewardesses or Flight Attendants on private jets have it very different than their counterparts that fly on commercial airlines like Delta, JetBlue, American Airlines, etc. Each stewardess on a commercial airline is trained for that specific airplane and is therefore certified to fly on the particular airplane in that fleet. They get there FAA license.  This is not the case with private jet flight attendants. Flying as a private stewardess is actually quite easier and funner in my opinion with a better diversity of jobs, flexibility and pay.

So then, what are the differences on becoming a stewardess on a private jet versus becoming a stewardess on a commercial airline when it comes to training and getting the job?


Since we are a training school for corporate stewardesses I will explain what we do and how people get hired.

How to become a stewardess?

For private:

  • You are taught to be in compliance with FAA regulations for part 135, part 91 and part 121.   In short you with our training you become compliant with regulations for charter flights, private flight as well at team sort of flights, like flying the Los Angeles Lakers. You do not fly a specific route like a commercial airline.
  • When you become a stewardess with our training you have the ability to fly right after school with any aircraft.
  • Our training only needs to be 5 days, with 5 days prep. This very different compared the big airlines.


In conclusion, the question on how to become a stewardess, is quite a simple answer. Here are the points.

  1. Do you want to fly without a schedule, whenever you choose for $400-$600 a day? Choose private over commercial.
  2. Now you have chosen, register for the class for free (or pay at registration) to reserve your position as we sell out on space and keep classes small.
  3. Go to our 5 day compliant training with job assistance.
  4. Fly on private jets, when you want (really, you can pick which flights as a contract stewardess) or fly full time.
  5. Stay at the best hotels, get paid very well, and go to the best locations in the world. Remember these are Billionaires and Millionaires they tend to go to the best places.

Becoming a flight attendant is actually pretty easy, all you need is the training.