Kenya – International Flight Attendant Training Graduate – Samuel Jesse Kamau

New Jersey – Mayssa Najok – Corporate Flight Attendant
February 25, 2016
Minnesota – VIP Corporate Flight Attendant – Annie Arneberg
February 25, 2016

How do you become an international flight attendant?

Just ask Danielle Styron of New York, a flight attendant training graduate from Beyond & Above Flight Attendant Training. Or instead contact us if you are looking for a wonderful flight attendant like Danielle.

Flight Attendant Name:

Samuel Jesse Kamau

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To work as a flight attendant and become one of the best international flight attendants in the private aircraft industry.

How to become a flight attendant?

Step 1: Come to our training (initial flight attendant training) to give you the necessary knowledge to become a flight attendant on private jets.

Attention Corporate and Private Flight Departments, hiring managers and more: To contact Samuel about becoming a flight attendant for your private jet flight department please contact us at or call (727)384-4135.