Marci Ford – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dana Kline – Sugar Land, Texas
October 19, 2016
Deborah Butan – West Palm Beach, Florida
October 19, 2016

Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate

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Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate:

Marci Ford

Corporate Flight Attendant Location:

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marci Ford is a seeking work and is a graduate of corporate flight attendant training offered by Beyond & Above.

To Obtain a flight attendant position where I can utilize all my customer service, organizational and safety training while traveling the world and helping people get from one place to another is the greatest comfort and relaxing environment possible.

I would make a good international flight attendant because I hold passports and/or visas from the United States.

I speak: English – Fluently

Would I consider relocating to another state in your own country?
Flight Attendant Response: Yes

Would I consider relocating to another country?
Response: Yes

Would I consider working as a flight attendant in the Middle East like Saudia Arabia, UAE – Unted Arab Emirates – Dubai or Qatar?
Response: Yes

I would be a great flight attendant because I am very friendly, outgoing and really want to help people. I am very detail oriented and prefer to have a plan in action before I begin any project. My child has grown and left my home so I am ready to leave at a moments notice. I am always on time if not at least 15 minutes early. I have been to Europe twice in the last 18 months as well as to the Caribbean, East and West sides. I am very kind, very happy and at peace with my life, I am ready to help others enjoy business and vacation travel to the fullest. I traveled at least once a year but as many as 4 times a year, I know how a great flight attendant can make a flight better or worse…I want to be the reason that customers return to the company as I made it the best fight ever.

I have over 18 years in waitress experience from 1982 to 2000, working at several different restaurants and bars including 5 star steakhouses, Mexican style and sports bars. I have also spent years on a help desk working through IT problems, working my way up to hands on desk side technical support, to a project managers position for over 5 years. I work well without supervision and enjoy making plans and following through to competition. I enjoy making and checking off to do lists as well as meeting new people and helping them

I am a corporate flight attendant training school graduate base near the following airports:
MSP – Minneapolis St Paul International Airport – Minneapolis, Minnesota
STC – St Cloud Regional Airport – St Cloud, Minnesota
RST – Rochester International Airport – Rochester, Minnesota

Some of my special interest, hobbies, travels, education, and charity work include working with habitat for humanity building houses for homeless families. I love helping others with remodeling and reorganizing to make their life easier and more manageable. I enjoy traveling to new places to experience different cultures and people. I have been on 6 major vacations in the last 2 years including over 20 different major cities in Mexico and Europe. I love children of all ages and have spent time working in a daycare.

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