Maria del Carmen Martinez Ceballos – Tampa, Florida

Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate

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Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate:

Maria del Carmen Martinez Ceballos

Corporate Flight Attendant Location:
Tampa, Florida

Are you authorized to work in the US? yes

Maria del Carmen Martinez Ceballos is a seeking work and is a graduate of corporate flight attendant training offered by Beyond & Above.

To successfully obtain a Flight attendant position were my In-Flight skills are utilized and I am able to provide exceptional customer service .

I would make a good international flight attendant because I hold passports and/or visas from

I speak: Spanish , English good business level

Would I consider relocating to another state in your own country?
Flight Attendant Response: No

Would I consider relocating to another country?
Response: No

Would I consider working as a flight attendant in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, UAE - Unted Arab Emirates - Dubai or Qatar?
Response: Yes

I am a excellent private jet flight attendant based in Tampa, Florida, United States because I am a great corporate flight attendant because I have a passion for the aviation. I am responsable and hard worker. I am ready at a moments notice always on time. I am prepared to provide a customer service in an exceptional way ..

In my previous work experiences I have been involved in In my previous work experience I was involved in Marketing, customer service, communicating with clients, and always assuring the satisfaction of guests to the highest degree..

I am a corporate flight attendant training school graduate base near the following airports:
TPA- Tampa International Airport- Tampa FL
MIA- Miami Internatinal Airport - Miami FL
MCO- Orlando Internatinal Airport - Orlando FL

Some of my interests, hobbies, travels, education, charity work are .

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