Megan Nicole Hammer – Hurst, Texas

Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate

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Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate:

Megan Nicole Hammer

Corporate Flight Attendant Location:
Hurst, Texas.

Megan Nicole Hammer is a seeking work and is a graduate of corporate flight attendant training offered by Beyond & Above.

Seeking a position as a Corporate or Private Flight Attendant to contribute my extensive knowledge in safety, culinary service, exemplary planning, organization, and exceptional customer service in an aviation career.

I would make a good international flight attendant because I hold passports and/or visas from United States

I speak: English - Fluent

Would I consider relocating to another state in your own country?
Flight Attendant Response: Yes

Would I consider relocating to another country?
Response: Yes

Would I consider working as a flight attendant in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, UAE - Unted Arab Emirates - Dubai or Qatar?
Response: Yes

I am a excellent private jet flight attendant based in Hurst, Texas, United States because very outgoing, energetic, and personable. I am educated in safety, presentation, and outstanding customer service..

In my previous work experiences I have been involved in phenomenal customer service, high volume and fast past atmospheres, giving every single guests a multitude of reasons to come back. Having the experience as a bartender has improved my customer service (learning how to read people, have a positive affect on another person's life, and a positive attitude) and also has allowed me to be able to deal with every positive and negative situation I come across..

I am a corporate flight attendant training school graduate base near the following airports:
DFW - Dallas/Fort Worth International - Euless, Irving, Grapevine, Texas

DAL - Dallas Love Field - Dallas, Texas

Some of my interests, hobbies, travels, education, charity work are dancing ( I was in drill team in high school ), singing ( multiple training sessions & performed at many events ), and photography (photographing my travels). My love for traveling is extreme. Meeting new people and learning different cultures is what I live for and is my purpose. I want to have a positive impact on every single person that I come across..

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