Lessons To Be Learned: Megan Smith Private Jet Air Hostess & One Direction Lead Harry Styles Romance

Lessons To Be Learned: Megan Smith Private Jet Air Hostess & One Direction Lead Harry Styles Romance


While the romance between Harry Styles and Megan Smith comes to light and is the focus of much media attention, there are lessons within the corporate aviation world, and more specifically, the life of a flight attendant that can be learned from this breaking news. 


  1. When it comes to corporate aviation, as a flight attendant, your discretion is imperative. Do not say anything about your rich and famous passengers, when and where they are flying, and how often they fly.  It is private aviation everyone! Private jets for private people and absolute privacy!
  1. When you take a picture of yourself or passenger (if requested) be careful of who you show and where you upload the image. Once you hit send on any image, it is floating in the World Wide Web forever.
  1. When you accept a position as a private air hostess, it must be understood that you may be flying with the passengers days, weeks, and months at a time, creating a close working relationship.
  1. As a private stewardess, know that passengers can become attached to you as their flight attendant and care-giver. With that in mind, keep a professional demeanor at all times, even with advances.
  1. And finally if by chance, as the situation Megan Smith found herself in, as a flight attendant you are asked to dinner or on a date by a famous or wealthy passenger, you must say NO in all but one instance….. they offer you a 10 Karat ring and make engagement plans.


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