Pan Am Flight Attendant Show on TV

Pan Am flight attendant show on TV - Stories from a real Pan Am flight attendant (and our friends)

Our president Mary Lou Gallagher was the first class of Americans that Pan American World Airways trained for their flights. Competition was tough for PanAm. Mary Lou Gallagher was selected to become a flight attendant on this prestigious airways that specialized only on international flights. In a time where other companies had stories and rumors in the news about not so professional flight attendant activity, Pan Am was the real deal and to work as a flight attendant for Pan Am was one of the most amazing honors a young woman could have at the time.  1 out of 3,000 applicants where chosen at that time for employment as flight attendants at Pan Am.

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After her Pan Am days Mary Lou Gallagher then went on to fly as a corporate flight attendant for companies like Bombardier FlexJet for many years. After she caught the private jet flight attendant bug, she could not leave the private aviation industry forming Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training. She now offers scholarships to young business women, sororities and fraternities who commit to community service and more.  Mary Lou believes that the private jet flight attendant job position is very similar to the Pan Am job experience and how private jet flight attendants are part of an elite group of individuals that are highly trained  as well as sophisticated like she was in her Pan Am days.


Mary Lou invites all those men and woman who watch the Pan Am television show series and find themselves yearning to fly to consider becoming a flight attendant and really think about training to become as a corporate flight attendant on private jets. At this point she feels commercial flying no longer compares to the way PanAm used to be, but the world of private jets still maintains the high class service and elite behavior she learned to love at PanAm.


Mary Lou Gallagher can be reached for quotes about Pan Am as well as questions about private jet flight attendant training.

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Beyond and Above flight attendant training is actually the true Pan Am way. Our flight attendant training graduates are the Highest end, sophisticated, elite, well trained individuals in the world.