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How to find a Corporate flight Attendant Job using our free resources and social media

Using Facebook to find flight attendant jobs:

Facebook is a great way to get a private jet or corporate flight attendant job. Present and future in-flight stewardesses and stewards can use it to link up with your fellow flight attendants, as well enable a line of communication with the flight departments in your area.

*A good place to start would be by liking our Facebook page and linking up with our  president Mary Lou Gallagher's friends by going here - Mary Lou Gallagher's Facebook

Using LinkedIn to find flight attendant jobs:

Using LinkedIn for finding corporate flight attendant jobs is actually a pretty good resource. We cannot give you all the secrets on using this flight attendant job resource. But simply put, the more connections you make, the more interesting the suggestions for new connections become. When you make a connection with us we have many private aviation based professionals linked with us which opens the door right away for you.  You can do that by going here to Mary Lou Gallagher's LinkedIn Page.

Once you are connected with us many nice suggestions for connections will pop up.

*Pilots are a good place to start for jobs, they tend to do most of the hiring. Free tip there 😉


Our steward and stewardess employment resources:

If you choose to attend our initial or recurrent training courses for private jet flight attendants we will involve you in our flight attendant job assistance program.

1. With our private flight attendant training course you can expect to get personal attention by our job finding expert on staff and available for job consultation during the course and after the training. Our marketing manager will help build your resume, business cards and even place your profile on our online flight attendant directory page.

2. We will also post your profile on one of the most popular online corporate flight attendant employment websites in the world for free.

3. All of our prior students will get an email each time of any and all jobs that come across our desk. This is actually one of the biggest flight attendant job resources we offer. Because Beyond and Above has been training for over 11 years and our staff is so connected to the aviation industry, we are the first stop for most flight attendant job offerings and positions in the industry!  Flight departments often times come directly to us because they love our flight attendants and trust our training.  Call us for more info (727) 384-4135.


**If you know of any websites that are good private flight attendant job resources please include them in the comments below.