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Corporate and Private Jet Flight Attendant:

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Tania Harrington

Location: Miami and South Florida


Nearby private aviation airports:

OPF (KOPF) - Opa- Locka Executive Airport - Miami, FL

FLL (KFLL) - Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl Airport - Fort Lauderdale, FL

MIA (KMIA) - Miami Intl Airport - Miami, FL


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Corporate Flight Attendant Training Course: Beyond and Above

Private Fight Attendant resume below and contact information at


Objective .

Established reputation for highly reliability and personalized services to passengers, focusing on meeting their needs. Able to identify and resolve problems using available resources. During emergencies Stays calm being able to proceed with emergency procedures/protocol. Work well with a wide range of cultures. Team player with polished communications skills: verbal, written, and interpersonal.


Career Experience .

· Experienced in international and domestic first class corporate, private jets.

*In 2007 was hired by private captain Gil Sanderson (worked in a Gulfstream 550 jet, with crew composed of four members) to Panama, Bogotá and Bahamas.

*In 2011 was hired by Monica Alarcon, destination Brazil.

· Ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

· Represent employer with a professional manner and appearance.

Education & Training .

2011 - Beyond and Above – Corporate Flight Attendant Training School, Ft. Lauderdale


  • Emergency Training that follows FAA guidelines for Part 91, 125 & 135

  • First Aid, CPR and AED

  • In Flight Catering, Ordering and Food Safety

  • Food Garnishing and Wine Presentation


Communication/Public Relations - Faculdade de Salvador (FACS), Salvador, Brazil.

Culinary Arts – Robert Morgan.

Biology - Universidade Catolica de Salvador


Work Experience .

Fitness Instructor

· Work in a variety of facilities, including corporate wellness center, private facilities, large fitness center and some of the best fitness center in Florida

· Develop innovative training programs that enables the continuous improvement of client fitness

· Design and deliver comprehensive training sessions based on clientele needs

- YMCA (2006 - present) - (305)248-5189.

- 24h Fitness with Shaq (2007-present) - (877) 256-4624.

- Fit Source (Jan, 2011–present) - (305) 271-6207.

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Why should you take corporate flight attendant training?

1. Corporate flight attendants have the choice to fly when they want or take on full time contract flight attendant jobs.

2. The private jet flight attendant training courses only last about 5 days with a week a preparation.

3. Corporate flight attendants get paid about $350 to $600 a day depending on the job.


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