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Beyond & Above
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by Daniela Portuese on Beyond & Above
Location: Orlando, Florida

Greetings , this testimonial letter I am writing to you today is just to let you know how much appreciation I have for you and your staff at Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training.

Private Jet Flight Attendant training was a big challenge for me, however I was very perseverant, proactive and confident every single day, from the day after my graduation. I have discovered a new fascinating word, full of emotions and excitement. I have worked hard in my job search and not even two months after my graduation, I flew my first trip with one of the most important Jets companies in the world. I was so glad to prove who I really am inside a jet. With my training from Beyond & Above, I felt like I knew that aircraft all my life. How comfortable and confident I was in applying the knowledge and skills acquired from my School.

Today, I will be more proactive than ever before and I am thankful to my school, Beyond and Above, who taught me with passion and love, all that I need to be a professional in the Aviation word.

Thank you very much Miss Mary Lou and all the school staff who showed me courage in doing and completing my mission. Thank you for preparing me to be an Elite Corporate Flight Attendant for the most fascinating word where the sky is not the limit!

by Tanya Pluckrose on Beyond & Above
Location: Redondo Beach, California

It is an absolute delight and pleasure to write a review for this company where I recently attended the six day course in March and I have to say it was outstanding!

Mary Lou Gallagher, the President, has an amazing centre that truly prepares you in a maginificent way to be a corporate flight attendant.

Mary Lou, along with her amazing facilitators, Leslie, Gary and Anita left no stone unturned when it came to preparing me to leave the centre feeling confident to be a corporate flight attendant.

Both the service and emergency procedures training was very thorougher and detailed. There were lots of opportunities to practice in both areas with constructive feedback to follow, preparing me for the 'real' thing.

I loved every minute and aspect of the course. I loved hearing past stories from Mary Lou's colourful career of corporate flying along with great examples from Leslie, a current corporate flight attendant. Anita provided detailed first aid training and Gary was brilliant at emergency procedures.

I could go on and on about my wonderful experience undertaking this course because it truly was exceptional.

Thank you Mary Lou for all your hard work and dedication in running such a professional company that prepares you maginificently for corporate flying.

Thank you to all the facilitators that made the course superb!


Warm regards


Tanya Pluckrose

by Jona on Beyond & Above

Jona graduated 8 months ago and has been flying to many beautiful destinations!
She recently spent a week in Bahrain, flying in a GIV.


by Aubrey A. Duke on Beyond & Above

Hello Mary Lou,

I wanted to reach out and Thank You SO very much for everything. The information we received in class was wonderful and oh so inspiring. The reading materials supplied to us are plentiful and I've spent many hours reviewing them. I started an LLC, Aubrey A. Duke, Premier Hospitality in Aviation, as I'd much prefer to fly contracted flights and make my own schedule. My business cards are on their way and I can't wait to send you a few. I just truly LOVED the experience you gave the rest of the girls and myself. Most importantly, an enormous THANK YOU, Mary Lou, for allowing my dear friend Nevean to transfer her course session to me. That girl getting the flu changed my life in incredible ways that, as of now, I can only dream of, but I know they're coming. Amazing things are on the horizon and I could't have done it without You. Thank you for starting the school and sharing your vast industry knowledge with so many people who are eager to change their lives and fly away to something far greater than almost anything else we could achieve on the ground. I feel as though it is all very serendipitous as the professional evolution of my career in the service industry has very much been perfectly leading UP to this all along. You are wonderful, Alisha is a doll and all the presenters were just a captivating wealth of knowledge that I gladly soaked up.
So Thank You a tremendous amount to everyone! I have mentioned and recommended Beyond and Above to everyone I've spoken to, with rave reviews.

So cheers to your success and ours. Please enjoy a spectacular Memorial Day weekend!!

Warmest Regards,

Aubrey A. Duke of Aubrey A. Duke, Premier Hospitality in Aviation, LLC

by Alisha on Beyond & Above

I went on another amazing trip, 10 days in South America! I am doing exactly what I love and I get paid to do it! On this trip I visited vineyards in Argentina, volcanoes in Chile, and the most spectacular waterfalls in Brazil!

by BL on Beyond & Above

My experience has been great so far! I have been flying contract for two different companies. My flight school Beyond and Above was integral part of being able to secure jobs in the field.

Thank you,


by BL on Beyond & Above

Building up the courage to make a big change is not easy. I was never the type to complete anything serious I ever started. I wanted to change. I had big dreams of seeing the world and unfortunately being a bartender didn't fill my heart anymore. I decided that if I had enough money saved up by December 2017 I would go to flight attendant school. It's something I always wanted to do but doubted myself. And boom I had just enough to attend Beyond and Above. 
So I went. I enjoyed every minute of it. I had so much adrenaline rushing through my blood from the excitement of being able to travel and make money soon. I remember sitting in class saying I'm going to my first job in April. And transitioning jobs is not something that's easy, you have to put yourself out there and believe you can do it. I applied everywhere and initially had no luck but I wasn’t going to give up! I kid you not that night I received a random text asking if I could do a flight the next day! Exactly 1 month from graduating Beyond and Above. So it goes to show, never ever give up, anything is possible. You just have to believe! Sky isn’t the limit.


by BL on Beyond & Above

This year marks the second year of my rewarding career as a corporate flight attendant! I want to thank Beyond and Above Training again for giving me all the tools that I need to excel! From Ski trips to Tropical vacations, I’m now having the time of my life and reaping the financial rewards at the same time!

Alisha Snowboarding


by Alexandra Squadrito on Beyond & Above

There comes a point in life when you realize that a great dream will never be as good as a great memory. the dream can be had by anyone, the memory must be made.  this picture was taken almost a year ago in school, when i made the decision to follow my heart to travel full time. I decided to attend Beyond and Above for training. I am wholeheartedly proud of the woman i get to look at in the mirror every single day - wishing the same kind of self love, admiration and continued success to all those who decide to follow their passion and pursue this career!

by Olivia Moore on Beyond & Above

I am so grateful for Beyond & Above. Thanks to the exceptional training that I received here, I feel very prepared on each flight and have been able to serve my passengers with great confidence, while enjoying traveling the world. There is no other school like this one. The individual care and attention you receive at Beyond & Above will give you an assurance and opportunities that no other training can provide, along with the insight necessary to make you a sought-after flight attendant. Get ready to make your dreams a reality!

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