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The flight attendant training was great, very informative, I enjoyed it very much.  I'm glad that I got to meet you, and all the wonderful instructors that we had.  Please say hello to everyone for me. I will miss you all, and I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you again 🙂

Barbara S.

Hi my name is Sandra Logan and I attended Beyond & Above Corporate training with Marylou Gallagher in November. The program was educational and so much fun, I was very impressed with the quality of the program and Marylou has a big heart for her candidates, She treated us with first class service and is very caring and attentive, She follows up with Lot’s of e-mails for job opportunities and some personal phone calls. I have established a wonderful friendship with Mary Lou and she will always be remembered, I can’t Thank her enough for following up on me, This program was definitely the best.

Sandra Logan

After a lot of research I decided to attend the Beyond and Above training in Fort Lauderdale with Mary Lou Gallagher. Not only was it the most cost effective training, impressive schedule, but extremely personable. Mary Lou and her staff were professional and knowledgeable. They gave us all the necessary information needed for entry into the Corporate Aviation World. The CPR, AED, Emergency training was excellent basic generic knowledge that anyone would need. Having been in the commercial aviation industry myself and completed 11 weeks of emergency / first aid training, plus annual checks, I was impressed with the Part 142 qualified trainer Mary Lou uses. The one day training in Culinary Garnishing was a delight, great fun and also extremely necessary in order to be effective in your presentation skills.
Mary Lou has been consistent in keeping me up to date with who’s hiring and any leads she feels would be fitting to my experience/personality. I would highly recommend the Beyond and Above training.

Susan Calhoun

Greetings from Up North. I can’t ‘THANK YOU’ enough for all the communication since my class training in April 2003. The class alone was a BLAST, very professional put together -very educational. Now you’ve gone Beyond & Above keeping the door open to any opportunity out there. I realize it’s hard as I live in the upper midwest, but you are so determined to give all you can for me – and other class members as well. The culinary part of the job did scare me, but with your training I feel I can master anything and everything! Thanks for the training, the communication and follow up – no other training course can “TOP” you. It’s a pleasure.

Sandy Giere

Mary Lou Gallagher’s Beyond and Above, corporate flight attendant training program is not only enjoyable, but challenging and informative. I appreciate the fact that all needed certifications, CPR, AED and most importantly, all FAA emergency training is included in the package. I am thoroughly prepared to start work as a corporate flight attendant with no separate and costly emergency training courses, such as FACTS. Additionally, following graduation, Mary Lou continues to followup with students and assists in finding jobs.

I have done quite a bit of research on various corporate flight attendant schools and their programs, before selecting Beyond and Above. I know of no other company offering a program as comprehensive as Mary Lou’s. So if you are looking to begin a career as a corporate flight attendant, start with Beyond and Above, you won’t regret it.

Kathy B

Mary Lou,
I have to thank you for the excellent class experience. I was so glad that we finally got together and I have to pass along the great news. I just completed my first day with Flight Options. I contacted them after I got my new resume completed with the info regarding your seminars and they called me back in for another interview last week and I got my call just last evening asking when I could report to work which was today!!! I could not have done it with out you and your great team. Thank you for helping me pursue my dream. Take care and be sure and tell everyone hello for me. This was the best investment in my future that I could have made.



When I decided to make the move last year I contacted 3 corporate training schools. Only one of them bothered to get back to me: MaryLou Gallagher of Beyond and Above. Her course was very thorough and FAA approved. Her staff covered everything. She NEVER promised employment after the course but she regularly sends me info on who is interviewing. I consider it money well spent.