Carollen L. Ryan


Have you ever had a dream, a dream that had its beginnings in a ten year old mind that lay asleep until now? After fulfilling another dream, which was to be a wife and a mother, I sat in quiet reflection one day after fully raising and launching my two wonder-full daughters.

I asked myself, what else do you really want to be and do with your life? Boom! It was like I woke up immediately from that dream I had many years ago: Flight Attendant was the answer. I knew I loved to travel. I had been a passenger, flying to fifteen countries besides my own over the years– Private/corporate jet FLIGHT ATTENDANT was clearly what I wanted.

Okay girl” I said. “Are you willing to give up your dream to make it a reality”? This dream literally began to take flight! I immediately went to the computer and typed in: Corporate Jet Flight Attendant careers and training…all sorts of information started popping up. My blood pressure started to rise as I imagined flying to all sorts of interesting places, helping all kinds of hard working, discerning and responsible people to reach their destinations. I imagined all the wonderful service I could provide and what a positive experience we all would have, as I also attended to my crew in the cockpit.

To tell you the truth, I think I have been a flight attendant working on the ground all these years. I have always cared about people’s safety and comfort. I wanted their expectations exceeded for first class hospitality. Whenever I entertain in my home, my guests have always commented on how comfortable and well taken care of they have felt. I had a Grandmother who was a caterer to some of the finest businesses and households in the world…She taught me well.

I came out of my imaginary reality and focused back to my computer screen. I first saw the name BEYOND AND ABOVE and then a host of others listings. I minimized the page as I felt overwhelmed. I went searching for all the companies and private enterprises that would use Corporate Flight Attendants. I found many magnificent aircraft that carry that special jump seat, made especially for F/A (flight attendants), AND there are private owners, charter owners and companies that require people such as I. I need to prepare. I need training. I want a career!

Back to that minimized page…I devoured it, searching for what was searching for me. Emails, telephone calls, credibility research, and I gathered more information. I have to make the right decision. This dream has been asleep for too long. If not now, when?

BEYOND AND ABOVE… How imaginative and WOW, what a comprehensive program. How could this all happen in five days? I decided. I committed to find out. Well, it happened. I am a private/corporate jet flight attendant, compliant with FAA parts 91, 125 and 135. For all the experience and expertise I had developed on the ground, I have been keenly sharpened for the skies.

Have I got your attention? Do you want to know more? Stay tuned and follow me as I travel Beyond and Above; the only way to fly.

Carollen L. Ryan is a corporate flight attendant based in Sun Valley and Boise Idaho area. Contact her through our contact page, see her resume and read more information about Carollen on her Beyond and Above flight attendant profile.


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