5 Appetizer Plates to Serve on a Private Jet

5 Appetizer Plates to Serve on a Private Jet

First impressions are the most important you will make on your entire trip with your private jet clients. Serving appetizers that are fresh, delicious, creative and enjoyable by all will help to ensure your first impression is as impressive as your last. 

Appetizers are one of the few places you can skip a catering company. Its also an easy way to incorporate fresh, local food flavors. You want the experience of riding on a private jet to be just as culturally enriching as the place your passengers are landing. Find a local outdoor market and use ingredients from the world around you to create colorful arrays of appetizer plates.

In-flight Appetizer Tip: 

Keep appetizer ingredients where they can be accessed first, so you don't have to rummage through to grab your finger licking snacks in the beginning of the flight.

Serving Appetizers on a Private Jet

photo: Larry Hoffman 

andrea goh

photo: Andrea Goh

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