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Beyond & Above Flight Attendant Club Articles will be diverse and will always have a corporate flight attendant twist.

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2. Even though some articles may seem not as useful in your eyes than others, we are giving you this information to make you a better overall flight attendant and better person. We are fully aware that most flight attendants will never cook anything from scratch and who would with all the safety concerns, time constraints and simply how much tastier a meal may be from all of these great professional caterers. With that in mind we still know corporate flight attendants that are also chefs, typically cooking for the families and having a good relationship with there clients already before they decided to start cutting vegtables and making that meal on board the aircraft.

For you newer corporate flight attendants, don't worry!

Here are a few points to remember:

  1. Cooking on a private jet: Most, if not all flights have catering so it is more important to make sure that catering is ordered, plated and reheated right than worrying about how to cook it on your own.
  2. Baking on a private jet: Bringing batter on the plane for cookies sounds like a good idea but could be messy, a nice trick is to buy them from a great place and just heat them up on the plane.
  3. Cocktails on a private jet: Most flights they will have already have asked for there drinks, so you will most likely not be making all sorts of drinks


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