Food Safety Tips and Tricks for Private Jet Flight Attendants

Food Safety for Private Jet Flight Attendants


Food safety knowledge is very important for Private Jet Flight Attendants, if you get someone sick or handle the food improperly that could be a liability for you and the company. Before choosing your approach to in-flight food service, find out what the company rules are, and the country rules are.

In Europe you must be a certified food handler to even serve on board and if you are doing the cooking and not using a caterer in the US you must have a food handlers certificate.

Ultimately, if you cook at home or on board you are legally liable if you cause someone to become ill, serve them an allergen or mishandle food and it becomes contaminated in any way.

Food Safety is another issue when you don’t order from a caterer. You have to be prepared to keep the food safe and below the temperature danger zone at all times.

Food Safety for Private Jet Flight Attendants


Photo by: The U.S. Department of Agriculture

The "cooling chain" refers to an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range. When the temperature of food fluctuates it creates an environment for bacteria to grow. Be sure to cool your prepared food immediately, and keep it at a cold temperature until you are ready to serve.

Food items prone to contamination:

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