Tips on Cleaning a Gulfstream Private Jet Oven

Tips for the Trade: Cleaning A Private Aircraft Oven

how to clean a gulfstream oven private jet aircraft

Cleaning Aircraft oven Tia brand- used on most Gulfstream Private Jets

quick tip by Paula Kraft - Tastefully Yours Catering, Atlanta

MODEL 1545-4, 1545-5, 1545-6, 1545-8, 1545-9, 1545-10 OVEN & 1575 CONTROLLER CLEANING
1. Oven should be cleaned as required by individual users and U.S.P.H. standards.
WARNING: Turn off all power to oven. Allow to cool before attempting to clean oven in galley.
2. Oven cavity should be cleaned after each use to prevent grease and food residue build-up. Cleaning aftereach use will enable personnel to use damp cloth or sponge. Heater elements can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.
3. Oven door facia should be wiped periodically with a damp cloth.
CAUTION: Do not use cleaning solvents that may damage any finishes on the oven facia or the face panel of the controller.
If you have a build-up of food residue on the oven walls and base, remove as much loose debris as possible to start, then apply hot soapy water on a towel and allow to sit 15 or so minutes.  This will help break up any burned on food.  Wipe out softened debris and repeat until all is removed by rinsing the towel with hot soapy water each time.  Do not use oven cleaners as the residual fumes when heating the oven after cleaning with fill the cabin with fumes and possible smoke.  Be sure to remove all soap residue when done.
Good Luck!
Paula Kraft

Flight Attendants, how would you clean this type of oven?

What other types of ovens on private jets have you cleaned and what were your methods?


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