Upgraded Corporate Flight Attendant Training Facility

Pictures of our Upgraded Corporate Flight Attendant Training Facility in Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida


g-III mockup for training corporate flight attendants

Our New GIII mock-up for our Flight Attendant Training!!

Using the table for flight attendants course

Student practicing service on our in-house private jet mock-up.

flight attendants course

Pouring wine at the Galley. (Better than on the passenger!)

stewardess training course

Two students sharing the galley during our service training at our new facility.

flight attendant smoke training

Smoke Simulation Training during our flight attendant course!


gulfstream emergency window exit training

Future flight attendant removing our new Gulfstream III emergency window in our hangar at FXE.

flight attendant course

Leg-Body-Leg Simulation for evacuation.

emergency flight attendant training on slide

At our hangar. Emergency slide training.

**All of these pictures were taken at our upgraded corporate flight attendant training facility in FXE - Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

Want to learn more about our flight attendant course? Find out how to be a flight attendant by clicking around our site or calling (727) 384-4135.