West Palm Beach, Florida –> Dilyara Young


Corporate Flight Attendant    Dilyara Young

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida


To obtain a flight attendant career.

2012                         Emergency Training that follows FAA guidelines for Part 91, 125 & 135
                                 First Aid, CPR and AED
                                 In Flight Catering, Ordering and Food Safety
                                 Food Garnishing and Wine Presentation

02/15/2012              Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED, American Red Cross

11/16/2011              e-TIPS, Health Communications Inc.

06/02/2011              Safe Staff, Florida Restaurant and Lodging

06/ 2008 – 07/2008      English Language Center, Turkey, Izmir
                                    Air Operational Terminology Course

11/2007 – 12/ 2007      English Language Center, Germany, Munich
                                    Language Skills Testing Course

March, 2006               English Language Center, Slovenia, Ljubljana
                                   Testing Methods Course

08/2010 – 08/2011     Palm Beach State College, Boca Raton, Florida, the USA
                                    General/Transfer AA
                                    Transferring to FAU for MBA

02/ 2007 – 10/2007      Defence Language Institution: English Language Centre,
                                    the USA TX, San-Antonio,
                                    Advanced Language Proficiency Course
                                    Management of English Language Training

09/2001 – 06/2005       Kazakh Ablay Khan University of International Relations and    Foreign Languages, Almaty
                                    Roman-German Philology Faculty
                                    Specialization: English Language and Linguistics

06/28/2012- present     GLF Air LLC

                 Part time Flight Attendant
-       Ensure that adequate supplies of refreshments and emergency equipment are on board
-       Ensure that all passengers fasten their seatbelts
-       Serve, beverages, meals, or snacks
-       Take care of passengers’ needs
-       Assist passengers with special needs
-       Reassure passengers during flight, such as when the aircraft hits turbulence
-       Administer first aid to passengers, when needed

08/2010- present           American Sports and Grill Bar “Play by Play”
       Bartender and server
-       food and beverage serving
-       making provisions
-       organizing and maintaining the work space
-       managing schedule

09/2008 – 07/2010      Caspian Training Group – Language Center
                 English Instructor
                  -    English training
                  -    methodological work development

08/2005 – 09/ 2008      Defense Language Institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
                 English Instructor
                  -    English training
                  -    methodological work development
                  -    curriculum development

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