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Become a corporate jet flight attendant in just one week. See course dates, details, and prices here.

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More Info about Corporate Flight Attendant Training School:

  • Things you should know and look for in Corporate Flight Attendant Training, please read our summary, CLICK HERE
  • Beyond and Above is considered a leader in corporate flight attendant training and is the only organization that conducts training on an actual Corporate Aircraft.
  • Our Flight Attendants possess exquisite culinary skills, poise, and the sophistication that reflects a meticulous work ethic. Our Flight Attendants understand and demonstrate that confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance.
  • Our Flight Attendants have the sensitivity it takes to anticipate clients’ needs and the knowledge to satisfy them.
  • Our Private Jet Flight Attendant Training follows the FAA Guidelines and is taught in a precise and simple-to-learn format.
  • After graduation, our Flight Attendants will receive employment leads and job referrals with total follow-through from Beyond and Above.
  • Do you have any more questions about our Corporate Flight Attendant Training? Call (612) 281-7526 or Contact us here.

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Our Corporate Flight Attendants are some of the most sought after individuals in the industry. Each one of our classes is uniquely created to build expertise, professionalism, and develop the highest caliber of flight attendants in the aviation sector. See class dates, course details and more.

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Recurrent Corporate Flight Attendant Training

Beyond & Above's philosophy stresses the importance of recurrent training for your success. Safety is our number one priority. Ensuring that our flight attendants' skills are up-to-date, and that they are knowledgeable of changes in the aviation industry, is what sets Beyond & Above's training apart from the competition.

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