Overview of Culinary Preparation:

  • Meal preparation in a jet-kitchen environment
  • Culinary training within realistic time-frames
  • Food safety & in-flight serving techniques
  • Catering for multiple tastes
  • Meal & Wine presentation training
  • Etiquette training

The Beyond & Above Difference:

  • Culinary preparation is INCLUDED in our training price & program
  • Many culinary programs do not understand real-world flight situations
  • Gourmet Culinary Classes do not work with private jet limitations
  • Graduates receive ongoing recipes and menu ideas
  • No prior experience needed

The Beyond & Above Advantage:

With over 30 years of experience in the VIP flight industry, we know exactly what you need to know in order to be requested again and again for private flights. The team at Beyond & Above offers training in everything you need from culinary preparation and etiquette to safety and flight procedures. There is a reason that Beyond & Above is considered a standard of excellence in the private jet flight industry. Our training is the most comprehensive training for premier private flight attendants. Our training program ensures each graduate has the skills necessary to provide 5-star service, and our ongoing flight club articles ensure you stay up-to-date with the best tips & tricks for standing out among the competition. As a Beyond & Above graduate, you join a league of the most high caliber aviation professionals who are able to create a stellar experience for your clientele on each journey. Beyond & Above training will not only show you how to create culinary cuisine in the limited facilities available aboard a private jet, but also give you real-world experience in creating culinary delights quickly and focus on the presentation that your clients will expect. There are many high-price culinary programs available, very few of them with experience in the private flight industry. However, at Beyond & Above, not only do we have the experience that will ensure you are trained in such a way to succeed in the real world, but your culinary training is INCLUDED in your initial training program at no additional charge! So, are you ready to join hundreds of other incredible Beyond & Above Graduates in a career as a private jet flight attendant? Register today!


Class Updates:

Our students learn the distinctions of flavor combinations with wine and food pairing. They also learn how to fan strawberries and prepare desserts with an elegant demi glace.


“YOUR success is OUR success!”

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