What are Your Bucket List Destinations?

Leah Naiditch – Aventura, Florida
January 19, 2017
Private Flight Attendants and the Art of Customer Service
February 6, 2017

The biggest perk of being a private flight attendant is traveling the world while getting paid instead of paying for it yourself. We’re at the beginning of a new year with a clean slate and nothing but fun and adventure ahead.

Everyone else is making resolutions, but you’re already on the path to something (somewhere!) wonderful if you are or are thinking of becoming a private flight attendant. The only question you have to answer now is, “Where do I want to go?”

Travel websites and magazines have compiled their own lists of the top places in the world to visit in 2017. Are any of these destinations on your travel bucket list for this year? If not, tell us where you’d most like to go –

  • Oman – The little Middle Eastern nation is becoming a hot spot, especially for those who can afford a little luxury. High-end hotels are popping up all over the place and a new theme park is set to open this year!
  • South Africa – The nation at the bottom of the continent has something for everyone. Lounge on the beach, explore the growing art scene or head off on safari – whatever you can imagine, South Africa has it!
  • France – Who doesn’t want to see the City of Lights or taste some of the world’s best wine in the French countryside? France has history, beauty and culture.
  • Finland – It’s the country’s centennial year, a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you can witness in person! There are planned events all over the country, including concerts and exhibitions. The World Figure Skating Championships and the Nordic World Ski Championships are taking place in Finland this year, and there’s a brand new national park to explore.
  • Guatemala – Like the rest of Central and South America, Guatemala boasts ancient ruins, beaches, mountains and beautiful scenery. It’s the perfect place for adventurers and history buffs. It’s also one of the world’s best-kept secrets, so you won’t feel crowded by tourists.