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July 25, 2015
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When ordering catering in Europe or any overseas destination, the best advice is to be specific as possible. Use every means possible to get your point across, especially if there is a language barrier.

In most instances, you will be giving your catering order to the handler meeting the aircraft. You have a better chance of getting your order correct if you tell the ground handler and he/she translates your request to the caterer. Remember to order ice from the caterer. Rarely does the airport facility have ice available at short notice. Unless you are prepared to serve what Europeans call “Nescafe” or very thick coffee from the handler, plan on brewing your own coffee on board the aircraft.

Another option for catering is the hotel in which you are staying. Most hotels are willing to accommodate your request and are more than helpful in planning a meal and packaging. There are also gourmet food markets and specialty stores.
Private Jet Flight Attendants, generally become familiar with specific places; cities, areas surrounding frequented airports, and the neighborhoods located near “go-to” hotels. Search out the restaurants in these locations by spending your free nights feasting on the local culinary talent. Once you’ve found a few conveniently located and enjoyable dinning experiences, find out if they cater, schedule a meeting with the chef, and together develop a menu.

Like most things in our world today, there’s an app for it; use “VIP Catering” to uncover caterers in areas you may be unfamiliar with.

If you choose to work with a restaurant team up with a local catering company. Caterers will pick up the food from restaurants and chill it properly and repackage it for you to keep it safe. Remember to make sure you ask for your steaks to be about two temperature away from your final serving because of reheating. Every caterer has a menu, but you will find that your passengers know what they want, the key is to keep it simple and make it taste great.

Make sure when you place an order to order the freshest ingredients, order nearest to the departure time as possible. Once the food is onboard store the items at appropriate temperatures.
If you are interested in having more freedom in the preparation, you can order items in bulk instead of box. Bulk items will come un-plated and you will be able to assemble the meals yourself. Learn how to beautify your plates with our How To Garnish article.
The following are U.S. based catering companies, check out their websites for ordering advice, and menu ideas.

Private Jet Catering Companies

Private Jet Catering CompaniesPrivate Jet Catering Companies

Private Jet Catering CompaniesPrivate Jet Catering Companies

Private Jet Catering Companies

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