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March 29, 2011
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March 29, 2011

Corporate and Private Jet Flight Attendant:

flight attendant - cabin attendant Hollywood Florida

Jennifer Stoops

Location: Hollywood, FL.

Nearby airports:

OPF (KOPF) – Opa- Locka Executive Airport, Miami, FL, US

MIA (KMIA) – Miami Intl Airport, Miami, FL, US

FLL (KFLL) – Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl Airport, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

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Flight Attendant Training Course: Beyond and Above

Private Fight Attendant resume below and link here..


Successful career as a Worldwide Elite Travel Professional offering concierge level services by consistently delivering impeccable on-board service and presentations.

Executive & Professional Training:
Personal Survival Techniques MARTPT-363, Maritime Professional Training
Person Safety & Social Responsibility MARTPT-359, Maritime Professional Training
First Aid & CPR MARTPT-197, Maritime Professional Training
Basic Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention MARTPT-53M, Maritime Professional Training
Corporate Flight Attendant Training, Beyond & Above
FAR Part 91, Part 125, Part 135, Beyond & Above
Certified Emergency Training, UAL, Continental Airlines, Beyond & Above
Executive 5-Star Cabin Service Training, Beyond & Above
Certified Corporate In-flight Culinary Service Training, Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale
Certified CPR, First Aid, AED and BBP, American Red Cross
FAR Part 121, First Class Service & Safety Training, Continental Airlines
FAR Part 121, First Class Service & Safety Training, United Airlines
Professional Qualifications and Profile Summary:
Global 5000, Gulfstream IV, Gulfstream III, Gulfstream II, & Gulfstream 200,
Falcon 50, Falcon 900, Legacy Executive, Professional 5-Star Cabin Service
4 years of 5-Star, in-flight service both domestic & international
Corporate Protocol & Etiquette
Mindful of owner and operator expenses
Comprehensive attention to ordering of on-board catering via caterers and local vendors
Dedicated caring of aircraft interior and service offerings
5-Star Cuisine Presentation & Service
Detail oriented with an eye for aesthetics, presentation and 5-Star Service Standards
Excellent communicator with strong written and public speaking skills
Conscientious of cultivating relations between owners and operators
Resourceful event planning
Computer/Internet Savvy
High end clientele service provider for movie stars and individuals of national interest
Event planning for broker events and new construction grand openings

Employment History:
Present — Independent Contract Flight Attendant, Worldwide
Global Jet Corp
A-OK Jets, Inc
Universal Jet Aviation
Air Charter Professionals, Inc
Lyon Aviation
Florida Jet Service
Walk About Air
Elite Air / Executive Connection
Sky Limo
Aspen Jet Ride
1998 -2008 — Broker/Agent Property Solutions, Saint Petersburg, FL
1992 -1997 – Speech Pathologist Partnership Schools, Pinellas County, FL
1996 -1996 – Flight Attendant United Airlines, Chicago, IL,
1994 -1996 – Flight Attendant Continental Airlines, Newark, NJ
Education & Personal Development:
2010 STCW95 Basic Safety Training Module
2008 Part 91, 125 & 135 Executive Flight Attendant Training, Beyond & Above
Part 121 Safety and Service Training (Continental & United Airlines)
2006 Curriculum for Living, Landmark Education
2003 Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker
1999 Florida Licensed Real Estate Associate
1999 Tampa College, Master of Business Administration
1999 Interpersonal Communications, Dale Carnegie Training Institute
1990 Florida State University, B.S. Speech Language Pathology & Audiology

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