how to become a flight attendantHow to Become a Flight Attendant


Becoming a flight attendant involves making an important choice.

When choosing to become a corporate flight attendant (same as being a private flight attendant) or choosing to become a commercial flight attendant there are some factors to consider.

Some of the factors we are going to discuss are the training involved, benefits, flight attendant salary and other facts about becoming a corporate / private flight attendant first as well as talk about the commercial / airline end for a bit in the end of this article. “How To Become A Flight Attendant” will be a series of articles written by our experienced staff here at Beyond and Above. Read and Enjoy!

#1. How to Become a private jet flight attendant:

**Take a training course

The training course to become a flight attendant is fairly simple and is a very smart and economical choice. Here is a link to our training and more information, [private flight attendant training schooling]. The schooling to become this type of flight attendant if fairly straight forward and only takes about one week to complete with a week of at home learning.


What are the requirements and certifications needed to become a private jet flight attendant?

Training to become a private flight attendant is different that an airline flight attendant largely when you compare the requirements and certifications. By taking a course like Beyond and Above’s initial training, you will get a corporate flight attendant certificate which is in compliance with all of the private and corporate flight departments. This certificate has been and continues to be widely accepted by all of the flight departments and those flight attendant careers available at there location. If a private flight department has any questions about our training, we have a policy in which they are free to review our whole course.  In all cases they see how extensive our flight attendant training program is and in fact that our graduates have an distinct advantage over other courses. You can also expect get certified in CPR, first aid and AED.


What are the most important lessons you will learn when becoming a flight attendant for private aircraft?

While this may not be true in other courses, our training program teaches you how to really become a flight attendant in the corporate and high class world of private aviation. Being a flight attendant on a private jet involves not only being aware of the safety percautions on the aircraft but also learning proper etiquette on a corporate aircraft, proper attire and how to prepare catering in an aircraft.


The major differences between being a flight attendant on a private aircraft versus an airline are such:

  • Private Aircraft usually do not have a planned travel route and most times airlines do.
  • Airlines require you to fly when they need, where contract flight attendants can accept and decline flights.
  • Airline flight attendant training takes more time and is more expensive.


Stay tuned for our next article, part two on How to Become a Flight Attendant series.

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