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September 13, 2011
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September 13, 2011

Corporate and Private Jet Flight Attendant:

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Elizabeth Abreu

Location: Miami, Florida

Nearby private aviation airports:

MIA (KMIA) – Miami Intl Airport – Miami, FL

MIA (KMIA) – Miami Intl Airport – Miami, FL

TMB (KTMB) – Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport – Miami, FL


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Corporate Flight Attendant Training Course: Beyond and Above

Private Fight Attendant resume below and contact information at


Objective .

To obtain a career position as a corporate flight attendant utilizing my current training and certification, professional accountability, language skills and the joy of great customer service.


Education & Training .

2011 – Beyond and Above -Corporate Flight Attendant Training Ft. Lauderdale. Emergency training that follows FAA guidelines for Part 91,125, & 135 Operating procedures as well as currency in First Aid , CPR, AED and Self Defense Training


2011: Computer Information Technology at Miami Dade College

1983: Spanish Diction with Professor Mrs. Carmen Barros in Santiago, Chile

1981: Executive Secretary at Dixson Academy in Santiago, Chile

1980: English academy all levels at Dixon – Academy in Santiago, Chile

1979: Model, Escuela de Modelos Esperanza & Esperanza in Santiago, Chile


Passports: United States, Brasil and Chile


Languages: Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish


Work Experience .

2001 – 2008: Teleservices Representative and Force Desk Agent at PRC, Miami, FL.


1990 – 1992: Ticket Counter Agent, Passenger Manifest and Ground Security Coordinator at ARE & OVERSEAS, in Miami. FL.


1986 – 1990: Flight Attendant, Senior Flight Attendant, Instructor and Super Class Senior Flight Attendant for LADECO AIRLINES.


1982 – 1986: Several translations for TV channels 7 and 13 in Chile.


1982 – 1984: Actress in the shows “El Juego de la Vida” and “La Torre 10” at Televisión

Nacional de Chile.


1979 – 1982: Model with Esperanza & Esperanza

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