A Message From The President of Beyond & Above - Corporate Flight Attendant Training

Just because an individual looks like a Flight Attendant they may not actually be one. By hiring an individual with a Certificate of Completion from Beyond and Above, however, one can be sure they are employing a fully qualified Corporate Flight Attendant
Although my company, Beyond and Above, has been providing Corporate Flight Attendant training classes for eight years, I want to make you aware that this past June we added an exciting, new dimension to our training.

We opened our new facility at the Executive Airport in Fort Lauderdale, FL. and actually conduct some of our training on a corporate jet aircraft. Students will participate and put into practice what they are taught both in the classroom as well as on board a corporate jet aircraft. We believe this type of experience provides a new dimension to the learning environment and brings all the training elements into sharper focus, thus truly preparing students for real-life situations.

Beyond and Above offers comprehensive Corporate Flight Attendant training classes ranging from five days of Initial Training to two days of Recurrent Training as well as an On-Line Recurrent Training. Successfully completing one of these courses will result in full FAA Certificate of Compliance for Part 91, 125 and Part 135

For additional information you may contact me at (727) 384-4135

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Mary Lou Gallagher ,President


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