Moonlighting for the Money as a Private Jet Flight Attendant

Tanya Taitinfong – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
March 16, 2017
Rule #1 In Corporate Flight Attending
April 6, 2017

Taking risks is scary. You may already have a job as a commercial flight attendant and are wondering what corporate flight attending can offer to make it worth a career change. Some people are more conservative than others with their jobs and while the pay is better in corporate flight attending, you also become an independent contractor – something not everyone is suited for.

But wait! What if we told you that you can have it all? You can keep your steady job with its guaranteed regular paycheck and make even more on the side as a part-time private flight attendant.

Working for an airline means you probably have a set schedule and fly the same route each week. That means you know when you’re available to pick up an extra job. Sure, you could grab a retail position somewhere, but why? You’re already part-way there with training for corporate flight attending and it’s what you already enjoy.

Private flight attendants get to set their own schedules, take the jobs they want and turn down the ones they don’t. You probably got into flight attending for the travel experience, but now you’re just seeing the same places over and over, right? The corporate world can also offer you the chance to see new and exciting places on someone else’s dime. Always wanted to see Paris? Go after that job that takes you there! And when you’re finished, you can go right back to your airline until the next time you want to see something new.

But the best part of it all is that in private flight attending, you’re usually going to be the only flight attendant on the plane. That means you run things as you want to without having to consult a coworker. We all get tired of “office” drama. Private flight attending offers a break from it.