New York, New York–> Chrystiane Vasconcellos

Silverdale, Washington–> Liz Weigel
June 19, 2013
St. Petersburg, Florida–> Christina Johnson
June 19, 2013






Corporate Flight Attendant: Chrystiane Vasconcellos


Location: New York, New York



Available immediately and also willing to relocate. Currently living in New York City, NY. Goal is to attract and secure an exciting and fulfilling corporate or Contract Flight Attendant position, which will provide an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge, background, and enthusiasm toward an exciting and very engaging aviation career.”

>From Victoria, Brazil originally, I have worked in beauty services space, providing optimal support for clients, and in the same way that I have worked diligently to make all clients happy, I plan to work hard and give this opportunity my all in pursuing a cabin position opportunity where my professional, educational, and personal experience can be applied to maximize service for the elite professional clientele involved. I am enthusiastic and excited to pursue a career as a Corporate Flight Attendant, and my main objective is to serve the company I work for, giving 100% effort each and every day.

2006 – Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Public Relations, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, Vitoria, Brazil.

2012 – Licensed Cosmetologist by the New York State Board – Aveda Institute – New York

2012 – Basic Makeup Course – Certificate – Lia Schorr Institute – New York

Brazilian Passport