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readpressNew Release of Online Recurrent Training for Corporate Flight Attendants

A bold step into the future. Setting the bar for online training acceptance, worldwide.

Let’s face it, if you are not using the internet for yourself in business, consider yourself behind the pack.

We are witnessing a huge transformation in privation aviation right now. Internet based job searching, NBAA webmail, and even more amazingly something we never thought would happen; web-based scheduling, quoting and personnel management for flight departments.

A new standard education for corporate flight attendants is coming of age right now in private aviation. Read the complete story here or click the image to direct you to our press release.

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Save money!

Did we forget to mention the cost of online training is only $400, compared to our hands on training which is $1600 at it’s lowest price!

Anytime, Anywhere:

Flight departments need the convenience of a web-based recurrent training with a standardized exam. Not only can flight departments update the training of their flight attendants “on the fly,” anywhere in the world for ¼ of the price of in-house training but trained corporate flight attendants also have the ability to re-fresh themselves before they begin flying for a flight department. Read in a bit more detail in our official press release – click to read – and contact our office if you would like to proceed with an article on the ground-breaking subject of online training and it’s value to the private aviation community.



Built by The “Best of the Best”: (plus: flight departments finally get there say!)

As with most emerging new training services, feedback and integration are an necessary part of development. With that said, Beyond & Above has already created the program with the help of some of the most esteemed aviation professionals in the industry. Not only have we developed a training  that is out of the box platinum standard, we are also allowing feedback from flight departments who review the course. Flight departments have the ability request a question a piece of material to be covered during the online training. Helping gain specifically what the flight departments need to refreshed before stepping onto their aircraft. This concept is what innovation and internet is all about and is very powerful.

*flight departments who sign a contract with us for a year or more worth of training gain heavier weight in helping to modify our training. we do offer discount rates for multiple flight attendants and bulk and yearly contracts.
Find out more by reading our press release -click here- and let us know how can help you with our bulk discount by contacting (954) 609-5600 or emailing


Lastly!! Check and Verify completion online: (never been done in this capacity)

Flight departments now have the ability to educate, without breaking the bank, new hires and re-educate current flight departments, online, anywhere in the world. Beyond and Above reports when and whether the flight attendant has successfully completed the training online instantly for flight departments to check and verify online. Find out more about how we will show these findings by reading our press release and let us know how can help you by contacting (954) 609-5600 or emailing