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Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate

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Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate:

Victoria Moore

Corporate Flight Attendant Location:

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Victoria Moore is a seeking work and is a graduate of corporate flight attendant training offered by Beyond & Above.

I would love to obtain a full-time or contract flight attendant position where I can happily serve the needs of my clients to ensure that they have the most comfortable and enjoyable flight possible. I am available immediately and will consider relocating for the right position. My schedule is extremely flexible and I am able to take off on a moment's notice to please my clientele's schedule. I'm excited to advance through the open doors of opportunity that this career will offer me!

I would make a good international flight attendant because I hold passports and/or visas from the United States - Passport valid thru May 2018; Haiti in December 2012; Paris, France in June 2014. I have traveled to Belize, Cozumel, Mexico, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas as well.

I speak: English - Fluent

Would I consider relocating to another state in your own country?
Flight Attendant Response: Yes

Would I consider relocating to another country?
Response: Maybe

Would I consider working as a flight attendant in the Middle East like Saudia Arabia, UAE - Unted Arab Emirates - Dubai or Qatar?
Response: Yes

I am attentive & sensitive to the needs of others and love to help people! I am PASSIONATE about giving MY BEST in order to ensure that it is my client's BEST flight! I have traveled abroad on missions trips to Haiti & Paris, France. I have gone to Belize, Mexico, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas.

I was a substitute teacher placed in constantly changing environments on a daily basis. Each day was like a fresh adventure filled with new faces & new challenges, in a way, similar to being a flight attendant. I am extremely used to introducing myself to new people because of that job. I am already familiar with being flexible when changes need to be made for the success of my students, even being cooperative if they wanted to change my job assignment to another position after I would show up. Due to these types of work experiences, I am able to easily adjust & readily adapt to the demands of each new job as it presents itself. If I can handle a class of 30 middle school students I know I have the patience and understanding to work well with my passengers. Substitute teaching has helped my communication skills and getting used to presenting myself to unfamiliar & large groups of people. I am able to be engaging & capture the attention of a classroom full of children from pre-kindergarten through high school. In some cases, I would deal with over 100 high school students in the course of one day. It has helped to develop my ability to learn new things quickly, as I was teaching lessons that I would have to familiarize myself with the morning of that school day, with little preparation time. It required constant verbal exchange ensuring the students understood the lessons I was teaching and then adjusting my technique if need be, to help them better learn the concepts. There are so many vital skills from that job which I will carry over into the field of aviation as a corporate flight attendant.
With my previous work experience as a Preschool Director for a church I was overseeing a large group of volunteers. I was responsible for creating their schedules & organizing the nursery, toddler and preschool departments. It was my job to ensure that these departments ran smoothly and parents were satisfied. This is similar to being certain that everything from the moment the client arrives on the tarmac, to the departure & arrival of their flight is a high quality experience with 5-star service which I will provide.

I am a corporate flight attendant training school graduate base near the following airports:
FLL - Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
MIA - Miami International Airport - Miami, Florida
PBI - Palm Beach International Airport - West Palm Beach, Florida

Interest: photography, fashion styling, traveling & exploring new places whether that be on a mission trip or for personal vacations. I also love kids and have a heart for orphans, which began around the time I became involved with an orphanage in South Florida. I went on my first missions trip to the country of Haiti, where I was able to be a part of throwing large Christmas parties for thousands of orphans & children of Haiti, passing out hot meals & Christmas presents to kids who had virtually nothing. I was able to minister in an open-air church in front of large audience. I was also one of the photographers for that trip. In addition, I have traveled abroad to Paris on a women's mission trip where we passed out mini books on the streets & in the subways, which were translated into French, called "You're Valuable to God." I have lived in Oklahoma where I graduated from ORU with my bachelor's degree & also graduated from Rhema Bible Training College. I recently moved to Dallas, Texas last fall. I am currently living in my home state of Florida, located in the Fort Lauderdale area..

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