So…Is this Your First Time Here?

Viktoriia Vashchenko – Naples, Florida
June 16, 2017
Alexis Nicole Neuhausser – Maineville, Ohio
July 21, 2017

You’ve been through the formal training. You may even have worked for a commercial airline before. But still, you’re probably nervous to take on your very first job as a private or corporate flight attendant.

The first thing you should do is breathe and relax. You’ve got this! But what are some things you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly and you make a great impression on your first client?

Most important is that you research your client the best you can. Know the client’s needs, likes and dislikes before stepping foot onto the plane. Prepare to meet them – order the right food and drinks, make sure you’re wearing the right uniform and your hair and makeup (if you’re wearing it) are neat and impeccable.

Keep in mind the description of the job from when you applied and interviewed. What were they looking for, specifically? Prepare to provide those things and do it with a smile! You love the life upon which you’re about to embark or you wouldn’t have gone through what you have to get here! Enjoy every moment of it.

What do you know about the company or the individual? Can you discuss both with intelligence and knowledge? Make your client feel as if he or she is your only focus, as if you’ve spent your life learning about the things that are important to your client just to make your client happy.

Practice preparing dishes before it’s time to get on the plane and make and serve them in real time. You want to know your culinary skills are flawless before the important moment of truth. Sometimes we might think we can make a great meal but find out the recipe was a little above our skill level.

That first impression on your very first flight is probably the most important one you can make. Since word-of-mouth and networking are the bread and butter of the profession, a bad review from a client can end a career before it begins. Everyone gets nervous, but you don’t have to let it show. You’ve been through the training. You’ve done this a million times already. Just because it’s live doesn’t mean it’s more difficult.

So hold your head up high, climb those stairs into the plane with confidence and make your first client feel like your thousandth client. As we said already – you’ve got this!