5 In-Flight Breakfasts

5 In-Flight Breakfasts

As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you're traveling. When you are serving breakfasts to your passengers you want to pack a punch with your meals. While some airlines will just throw a coffee in your lap and call it a day, private jet flight attendants need to take extra care to make sure their clients are being satisfied with their food, so they can move forth with their busy days feeling energized.

Different costumers will request different kinds of breakfasts, from light and refreshing, to hearty and filling, we've got all of our favorites for you here.

All of these breakfasts can easily be prepared with out a caterer, just pick up the ingredients the night before your early morning flights, and once you're on board pop in the convection oven, or fry up on the skillet, and bam you've got a wonderful breakfast meal.


Tofu Scramble

Scramble up some tofu, add onions, chives, garlic, mushrooms, or other veggies, and serve along side roasted potatoes.



Yogurt parfait with fresh berries

Make this breakfast vegan by using a non dairy yogurt substitute. Add nuts for an extra protein boost.



Croissant Egg Sandwich

Croissants are a favored breakfast food by many. Make a delicious sandwich, you can add cheese, and some of your favorite sauces to make it extra tasty.

English Muffin Pizzas

Here's a new twist on an old favorite, follow this Food Network Recipe.
You can use the convection oven in your galley for toasted goodness.

Easily turn the English Muffin Pizza and Croissant Egg sandwich into meat lovers' delights by adding bacon, sausage, or ham.



Bagel and Lox

Add chives, capers, and cream cheese to really set this one off. Especially easy if you are prepping in the galley. Quality is key with this private jet breakfast.


Get your morning flight lifting off to a fresh start!


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