How to Garnish

How To Garnish

Garnishes are a fun and creative way to add something extra to your dishes. It is of utmost importance that dishes always look beautiful and professional in the private jet industry. People eat with their eyes. A dish prepared with artistry and penash is always going to taste better. You can take even the simplest of dishes and make them enticing and delicious with the accent of a rose bud tomato.

Here are a few simple ideas of how to prepare your fresh vegetables before coming onto the plane.

Strawberry Fan
How to Garnish for Private Jet Flight Attendants









Photo by: Puamelia

Freshen up cocktails, or fruit plates with a simple Strawberry fan.

Instructions here

Tomato Rose
Hot to Garnish for Private Jet Flight Attendants

Photo by: Derek Key

The tomato rose is as simple as peeling a tomato and spiraling the peel into a flower shape. This is a wonderful addition to a salad plate, pasta, or cheese platter.

Instructions here

Carrot "black-eyed Susan flower"


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Flowers, fruits and vegetables can be used in numerous fashions to add color and intrigue to your dishes as a corporate flight attendant, continue the search for garnishes, and discover more ways to spice up your dishes. In-flight garnish is a private jet flight attendants best friend on business and private aircraft.


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